Tungsten vs Titanium Accessory Comparison

When we are talking about jewelry, there are various kinds of metal and precious gems to be talked about, but if we are strictly taking about men’s jewelry, then the tungsten vs titanium discussion will most likely take place. The tungsten and the titanium are two of the most used materials to be made into […]

What is Tungsten Carbide Exactly About?

You know when you are about to buy a wedding band for men, the store clerk will probably recommend you to get the wedding band made from tungsten carbide, but what is tungsten carbide exactly and why is it become popular? The Tungsten carbide itself is a mix between pure tungsten and carbon atoms, it […]

Paraiba Tourmaline Ring Rarity Gemstone

Looking for a unique ring? Maybe you want it as a gift for someone you hold dear? Or you are looking for your engagement ring? There are a lot of choices that you can take, as there are a lot of different kinds of rings out there, but if you want something that is super […]

Elegant London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring for You

Most people will go with diamond for their engagement rings, but don’t you think that you want something else? Meaning that something which is not the same with everybody else, something that personifies your freedom and all? Well, if you do think like that then you need to check the London blue topaz engagement ring. […]

Stainless Steel Wedding Sets and Why You Want Them

When you want to buy a wedding set for your one of a lifetime occasion, you will be spending a lot of money. But if you do not think that you have that much money then there is this one alternative that you can take; the stainless steel wedding sets. Stainless steel might not be […]

Stainless Steel Wedding Rings Popularity

You know when you want to buy a wedding ring but all you see are all rings with price beyond your budget? Well, do not worry anymore because there are now stainless steel wedding rings. Do not underestimate the rings just because it is made with stainless steel instead of the other precious metals, the […]

What is Rose Gold; the Fact about Rose Gold

Have you ever given suggestion for a rose gold accessory? If you are not familiar with this type of material, you are probably thinking “what is rose gold?” The rose gold is a type of gold material that is now becoming really popular with the public. Pure gold are too soft to be made into […]

Oval Cut Diamond Jewelry Trend

When you choose to buy a ring with diamond, then you will find that there are a lot of shapes to the diamond than you think and the oval cut diamond is one of the rarest one that you can see. It is very unfortunately that the oval shaped diamond is not really in the […]

Do you want to about Morganite vs Diamond?

When choosing for the perfect gemstone for your engagement ring then you will want the best. But there are a lot of different gemstones out there and today we will look at Morganite vs diamond comparison to see which one is the best gemstone well suited for your engagement rings. Of course we do understand […]

Marquise Diamond Settings for Engagement Ring

So you got your diamond to be use for your engagement ring, but you still unsure what kind of shape you need it to be, how about trying the marquise diamond settings? This setting is one of the most popular shape requested by many people, it have many fans all around the world for one […]