Jewelry Storage Ideas Fun Ways You Can Use

Thinking of jewelry storage ideas may be a bit worrying for you who have not had this kind of storage before. If you collect some jewelry, you need to make it organized by having the right storage. The storage should not only be pretty to decorate your room, but it must also be accessible. One […]

DIY Jewelry Holder Simple-yet-Pretty Ideas

DIY jewelry holder is the best way for you to keep your jewelry collection to be more organized. There is a bunch of ideas that you can even try to make yourself in order to put the jewelry on the right place that you can easily access without having to make it cluttered. One of […]

Jewelry Organizer DIY to Organize Your Jewelries

Do not let your jewelries in a really messy state. Getting the coolest jewelry organizer DIY is not hard at all, you only need even so little carpentry skill and some common tools such as hammer, drill, and scissor. Most important thing on making this jewelry organizer is make the separators to differentiate jewelry kind […]

DIY Earring Holder You Can Make Easily

Guess what, choosing the right earrings holder which can organize your makeup table take so much time which will frustrate you. Especially when those earrings holder needs to be fit with your makeup table size. Do not sweat yourself looking for the wrong ones, instead, make DIY earring holder which does not cost so much. […]

DIY Necklace Holder Ideas You Can Try To Make

The DIY necklace holder ideas are needed to make your necklace collection well organized and you will require less time picking the wanted necklace before going out. You can use up almost every material and event unique shaped ones, for example you can have the antler to hang the collection or simply stick everything to […]

Cutest Rainbow Loom Patterns You Can Try

Rainbow looms are on the rage these days and they are commonly so identical with little girls as well as teen girls. No wonder, making rainbow looms can be really fun and add up creativity of the maker. These are several cute rainbow loom patterns ideas worth trying. Most important thing on making rainbow looms […]

DIY Jewelry Box Ideas for Organizing Your Makeup Table

Looking at how messy your jewelries are can be so frustrating. That is one of some main reasons we made this article about the DIY jewelry box ideas. By using the jewelry box, you may have more efficient space, less time to search for proper jewelry, and less stress from untangling the tangled ones. Actually […]

Pokemon Wedding Ring Unique Ideas for Your Marriage

Yes, there is actually pokemon wedding ring, and yes, it was used by many people before. In fact these kinds of accessories are pretty popular right now. People can argue that pokemon is a franchise aimed for kids, but gaming is now on mainstream. Especially with the rise of mobile gaming, gaming is not only […]

Jewelry Display Ideas to Make Your Collection More Beautiful

You come to the right place if you need help with the jewelry display ideas that you are struggling with, after all, this is something that should be taken care with extra caution. With great jewelry display, people will be able to show their jewelry at its full potential. So you do not want to […]

Try These Cool Rainbow Loom Bracelets for Girls Accessories

Ask the girls especially the teen aged ones, who doesn’t know cool rainbow loom bracelets? This accessories has been a big hit from a few years ago up until now. And the good thing is it can improve the girls’ creativity and earn them one cool accessories. This kind of accessories comes with various colors, […]