Some Designs of Double Piercing EarRings to Try

Double piercing Earrings designs are various for you. In this modern era, there are some ways to make you look cool and stylish. There are some people who try follow fashion trend to look fashionable in all times and all places. Some other people like to go out from the trend and they like to […]

Choose Amazing Engagement Rings Based on Your Personality

Amazing Engagement Rings are offered to you by so many jewelry designers or shops. In this modern era, there are some people who like to engage with someone that they love before they marry them. That is why the popularity of engagement ring is rising. The demand of unique style of engagement ring in this […]

You Will be Excited about the Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring

Engagement party is coming soon. Have you bought an engagement ring? Or at least, have you known where the best place to buy an engagement ring? For some people, buying ring for the engagement is an emotional momentum. Heart beats fast whenever you see the ring. You feel impatient until you feel it, the buying ring, […]

Right / Wrong: What Hand Does the Engagement Ring Go On?

In the wedding, people will get tensed whenever someone asking the bride and the groom on what hand does the engagement ring go on? It seems a simple question yet tricky answer should be given to the asker. Wondering lots of traditions command to put the engagement or wedding ring in the right place, you […]

This Ring Is Speaking: ‘What Do the Colors of a Mood Ring Mean’?

Have you ever tried wearing this phenomenal ring called The Mood Ring? Thinking about what it is all about by guessing the ring name, you might get little connection to it. This thing must be about special ring that is extraordinarily published as something unique because it can tell your mood by only looking from the […]

Wedding Ring Tattoos Ideas to Try for Special Day

Wedding Ring tattoos designs are various to try. When wearing common wedding ring is an ordinary thing, people look for special and unique thing. That is why there are so many couples that try to make tattoos of wedding ring that they love. There are some reasons why some couples finally choosing to make tattoos. […]

Cool Mens Bracelets Trends and Fashion Hacks

The cool mens bracelets have always been part of the world fashion discussion. Back in 80’s bracelets were the most common jewelry worn by men in southern European. In that era, gold bracelets were even so in fashioned. But, the taste of man fashion has been changing through time. Today, man fashion comes with much […]

Cool Bracelets for Guys to Get You Cooler

Most guys think that it is impossible to find cool bracelets for guys. A lot of people think that a man should wear only a watch as his jewelry. Yes, a watch is cool and can be so elegant, but bracelet can be even cooler. To find the cool jewelry, we should pay attention to […]

GPS Bracelet for Kids to Know Wherever Their Locations

GPS bracelet for kids is specially designed kids’ wearables with GPS technology inside. By wearing this bracelet, every kid will be so easy to find when they are lost by tracking the GPS. If your kid wears a GPS bracelet like Lineable, you can track his location in short distance monitoring by using a tracker […]