Strong Healing Power of Tigers Eye Stone

Tigers eye stone has very attractive colors and represent the animal tiger. This stone has the same golden brown color to the eye which is owned by a tiger. The appearance of the tiger’s eyes can indeed be seen from the strong colors that exist in this stone. Animal behavior is also very amazing. The […]

How to Tell If It’s Real Gold Like a Pro

When you find that your beloved grandmother leaves you a box of shiny gold jewelries, you definitely will feel very happy. But before you sell it or flaunt it to your friends, you need to know whether it is genuine or just something you can actually get in the flea market. But the question is, […]

The Differences of CZ Vs Diamond

When viewed with the naked eye, the cz vs diamond will look the same, but most people say that the diamond is something precious. Advances in technology make it harder to distinguish rhinestone. There are several tests to determine the difference between a diamond and a normal rock. Cubic zirconia is of the high quality […]

Old European Cut Diamond: The Most Luxurious Cut Diamond

The old European cut diamond became popular in the past until the twentieth century. In 1920, the modern round cut was developed and replaced the old European as standard round diamond cuts. European cut can be said to be much older than the modern round cut. Diamonds are cut with this technique has a unique […]

What is A Chocolate Diamond? Color, Value, and Clarity

What is a chocolate diamond? It is a term coined by a jewelry manufacturer called Le Vian. Other brown diamonds are colored diamonds cognac. There are diamonds that have a natural tan color and a diamond that has been tinged with brown. Natural colored diamonds have a higher price than the diamonds are colored by […]

Man-Made Diamond That May Attract You More: What is Zirconia?

Diamond is women’s best friend! Diamond is one of the popular yet pretty expensive crystals for jewelry. The smooth and pointed shiny shape of diamond attracts many people to have it as decoration at home or for jewelry. Even though it’s a little bit pricy, people who adore it will never complain about it. But […]

The Other Kind of Silver You need to Know: What is Sterling Silver?

If you are interested in jewelry or metals you should be familiar with silver. Silver is one of the common metals and one of the basic materials to made jewelry. Many people love silver jewelry or silver home furniture since it looks dashing and expensive. The price is also cheaper compare to gold. It turns […]

How Much Is A 14K Gold Necklace Worth and How to Know Its Value

Gold price is always high and stable. So, if you ever in need of some extra cash, you can always sell your precious 14k. But before sealing the deal, there is one question that you must find out first. How much is a 14k gold necklace worth? This is very important because it will help […]

Find Your Answer: what does 925 mean on jewelry?

What does 925 mean on jewelry? Maybe you’ve found the cap 925 in a ring and you do not know the meaning of the stamp. If the cap has a silver colored ring, then the ring is made of sterling silver. If in a gold colored rings have a seal, then the ring is made […]

Smoky Quartz Meaning: A Gift from Nature for Your Protection and Grounding

Smoky Quartz Crystals are several parts of all the most important stones which bring the meaning of grounding and anchoring. The Smoky Quartz meaning is extremely remarkable stones to keep and light up our aura at any times. Furthermore, these Smoky quartz crystals also protect our mind and body incredibly. For example, if you work […]