10k White Gold and the Important Things to Know about It

The 10k White Gold might be something interesting for anyone especially for the women who are always interested in collecting jewelries. That is a kind of low karat gold which is also that really interesting to be chosen because of several various reasons. Of course, one of the reasons is that the price which is lower.

When we are talking about gold, we will turn to the type of the gold. We can find the white and also yellow one. They are the common one since nowadays we also can find other tones as like the rose gold one. Of course, then we have the question as like What Does.


White Gold Contain?

When we are going to choose the 10k jewelry, we will also need to decide whether to choose the 10k white gold jewelry or the 10k yellow gold jewelry. Surely, before we make a decision, it is better to know about them well first, as like the content of white gold and even the difference of the level of karat.

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What Does White Gold Contain?

The white gold is actually made by blending the gold with other kinds of the metals which then result the white gold which has the character which is much harder and has the white tone. The metals which are often used in white gold are nickel, silver, palladium, and also zinc. They can be the answer of the question of what white gold contains.

Those materials are also used for the 10k White Gold jewelry. For getting the totally white tone, the white gold then will be covered by rhodium. That is done since actually the tone is yellowish white not pure white. By covering it with rhodium, the result will be shiny in the pure white tone.

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What Does Karat Mean in White Gold Jewelry?

We often find the white gold with 10k, 14k, or even 18k in jewelry. So, what does it mean in white gold jewelries? Actually it represents the content of the pure gold. One karat shows the 1 / 24 of the pure gold or about 4.17% of pure gold.

So, when we have the 10k White Gold jewelry, we have the jewelry which contains about 41.67% of pure gold. You can simply imagine it well first so that you have such the overview about the level of karat in your white gold jewelry. In the other hand, the karat represents the purity of the gold or the jewelry.

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How 10-Karat, 14-Karat, and 18-Karat White Gold Differ

We have discussed about the definition of karat in the gold jewelries, including the white gold one. It represents the purity of the gold jewelries. That shows how much pure gold which the jewelry as like a ring contains. Besides the purity, the different level or content of karat also affects to its characters. That is including for the hardness.

The more the contents of pure gold it is, the softer it will be. So the 10k White Gold ring is softer than the 14k or 18k rings. Then, of course, the price is also that different. The higher the karat is, the higher the price will be. Those can answer the question of how 10k, 14k, and 18k white gold differ.

  • 10k White Gold Vintage Style Ring

10k White Gold Vintage Style Ring

  • 14k White Gold Earring

14k White Gold Earring

  • 18K Solid Yellow Gold Necklace

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The 10k White Gold is such the good idea for having the low price white gold jewelries. However, of course we want to know much about gold and also the karat. White gold is actually made from the mixing of pure gold, nickel, silver, palladium, and also zinc which then is covered with rhodium for getting the clearer and purely white appearance. Then, the purity or the content of the pure white is shown by the level of karat. Then, the purity also affects to its hardness as well.


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