5 Great DIY Jewelry Box Ideas

Having many jewelry collections demand you to organize them well in order to keep the glowing shine. Besides, well organized jewelry will also ease you to find one when you need to wear. Organize every jewelry based on the type, size and may be also the materials. You need a jewelry box to organize the valuable jewelry and make sure they are always in good condition.

If you don’t have one, you can make DIY jewelry box by using kinds of simple materials surround you. And if you can make the jewelry box, then why should wasting money to buy? You can make a unique jewelry box without spending much money. Then keep your jewelry collections well organized inside the box.

By using simple materials or even reusing some used materials and explore your creativity, you can make and have a unique jewelry box of your own. Get 5 great ideas to make jewelry box from simple materials like turn a chocolate box into a jewelry box and more ideas below.


DIY Weathered Wooden Jewelry Box

This DIY weathered wooden jewelry box will be like a vintage treasure box that is unique and interesting. The materials you need are such as:

  • Desk caddy or other wooden jewelry box
  • Wall paint in turquoise color
  • Sandpaper
  • Finishing coat
  • Some useless jewelry pieces for decorations
  • Screws and glue


  • Take off the handles or other pieces you don’t like on the box’s surface.
  • Fill the left holes with filler or wood glue and then sand them after dried.
  • Paint the box in some layers and let it dry overnight.
  • Sand the painted box to get weathered look and then coat the finishing.
  • Add the decorations by install the screws on the handle areas and then glue the decorations.

DIY Weathered Wooded Jewelry Box Pictures


Chocolate Box into a Jewelry Box

With a little creativity and simple materials, turn a chocolate box into a jewelry box with compartments isn’t something impossible today. All you need is just one empty chocolate box, white paper, and acrylic paint, brush, wrapping paper in pretty design, cardboard paper and glue.


  • Apply the white paper as the first coverage for the chocolate box so the print will not be visible over the wrapping paper.
  • Paint the box’s side with acrylic paint.
  • Cover the entire surface of the box with beautiful wrapping paper. Also cover the sides of the box and let the remaining wrapping paper to the inner side of the box.
  • Finish the box by covering the inner side with white paper so it results tidy look.
  • Place the compartment again to organize your jewelry pieces.

Chocolate Box Into a Jewelry Box Pictures


DIY Book Jewelry Box

Making a DIY book jewelry box can also be a simple but great idea. All materials needed are an old thick book, exacto knife, small paint brush, mod podge, pencil, and a decorative flower or other decoration.


  • Open the first page of the book and then draw border lines leaving 1 inch around the page.
  • Cut the rectangle on the border lines by using the exacto knife. Cut all papers until the last page. It may not line up well but it is ok because you will improve the vintage look.
  • Apply the mod podge inside and outside the new box.
  • Add a decorative flower on the book once the mod podge is dried.

Note: you can let the original color to keep the vintage look or paint the box in your favorite color to make it more beautiful.

DIY Book Jewelry Box Images


DIY Wooden Ring Bearer Box

Use this idea of DIY wooden ring bearer box if a common ring box is too ordinary. Make it from an unfinished wood box that is finished by interior wood stain. Let the stain dry overnight. Then use an extra fine point paint pen in white color to write your name and your lover’s initials on the box. Apply white fabrics as the base of the ring box.

DIY Wooden Ring Bearer Box


DIY Tiffany & Co Inspired Jewelry Box

To make a DIY Tiffany & Co inspired jewelry box, you need a wooden box with transparent lid, acrylic paint, some craft foam and white silky fabric.

  •  Finish the box with acrylic paint in sea breeze color or other favorite color of you. Use a foam to apply the paint in order to get smooth result. Let it dry overnight.
  • Cut the craft foam into one inch width and in the same length with the box’s length.
  • Wrap foam cut with the silky fabric and fold before you wrap the next foam. Glue to secure. Apply the foams after they all have been wrapped with the fabric and it is ready to hold all of your jewelry pieces.

DIY Tiffany & CO Inspired Jewelry Box


Those are the great ideas of DIY jewelry box made from simple materials and steps. You can make them as the solution for the expensive jewelry box in the market. Make them tidily so you can have pretty and elegant box to organize all jewelry pieces tidily. Choose any of the ideas to create your very own DIY jewelry box. So you can have a special box to organize the jewelry pieces and find them easily whenever you need.


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