A Closer Look at What Is White Gold

There are various materials that are used for jewelries these days from silver, platinum to gold. Gold also came in various types as well. One of them is white gold. Some of you might ask what is white gold and what make it difference than any other type of gold.

White gold is basically the type of gold that is commonly used for jewelries these days. This type of gold is usually used for wedding ring or engagement ring. Compared to other type of gold, white gold has lower carat since it was made by combining gold with other type of metal.

So what exactly is “white gold”? To answer this question, you might need to learn about the characteristics of white gold. By understanding the characteristics of white gold, you will be able to know the definition of white gold and know the reasons why this type of gold is different from pure gold.

What Exactly Is “White Gold”?

Gold is the most common material that is used for jewelries. There are various types of gold that can be found these days. Pure gold is the type of gold that came with 24 karat value. This type of gold is also known as yellow gold. Since the price of yellow gold is very expensive, you can choose white gold that came with more affordable price.

What exactly is “white gold”? White gold is the type of gold that has value lower than 24 karat. It was made by mixing yellow gold with other metals such as nickel or palladium.

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What Is “Rhodium” and What Does It Have to Do with White Gold Jewelry?

White gold is usually as the band in wedding ring or engagement ring. Besides white gold, there are also other materials that are usually used for jewelries. One of them is rhodium. Rhodium is considered as precious metal that has value more than gold. What is “rhodium” and what does it have to do with white gold jewelry? Basically, rhodium is used on jewelries as plating.

If the jewelries use rhodium as plating, the diamond that is used on the jewelries will look bigger. Due to this characteristic, most jewelry that uses white gold these days also uses rhodium as their plating.

Have Things Changed Between Your Grandmother’s White Gold Ring and Yours?

White gold has been used for jewelries for years. However, there is a difference between jewelries with white gold that can be found these days with jewelries with white gold on previous years. Have things changed between your grandmother’s white gold ring and yours?
The answer is yes. Your grandmother’s white gold ring doesn’t have rhodium plating. On the other hand, most white gold jewelries these days use rhodium for plating. The white gold rings these days look more elegant and valuable since they use rhodium plating that makes the diamond looks bigger.


Some people might ask what is white gold and what the difference between white gold and yellow gold. White gold is the type of gold that is made by combining yellow gold and other type of metal. White gold has lower karat than yellow gold. White gold jewelries also usually use rhodium plating to make the diamond looks bigger as well.


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