Agate Stone Meaning: It is More than Gemstone

Agate is actually a mineral stone from Quartz family. Different from any other gemstone that is usually known by its single color or unique pattern, Agate is known for its color specks. Some of the Agate stones even have fossils inside.

The Agate Stone Meaning comes from its look and from the place where the stone was found for the first time. Beside, the stones also hold powerful and mystical meaning. To know more about the meaning and the use of the stones, we have to know a little bit more about the types of Agate.

From hundreds of years ago Agate has been known. Different from any other mineral stones and gemstones, Agate is known for its meaning and uses. The other gemstone may hold mystical and symbolical meaning, but Agate meaning and uses comes from the function, the place where it comes from, and the type of the stones.


Agate Meaning and Uses

Agate has been known since 15th in Germany. It still exist until today. Back to the past, the name Agate cones from the name of Achetes River where the stone was found for the first time. The stone normally has unique eye marking, color specks, layers, and even stripes. That is why, people call Agate the rainbow of the earth.

Besides where the name is come from, the Agate meaning and uses are associated to metaphysics situations. People believe that Agate is a stone that has lower intensity. It can vibrate with slow frequency and perform certain influence. Therefore, Agate has strong influence to human body and it is believed to affect human emotional, intellectual, and physical energy. The frequency of the stone would balance the inner energy to harmonize the positive and negative energy inside the body.

agate-druzy-crystal-stone-rock-gem-bead-stretch-bracelets agate-chandelier-earrings agate-swarovski-long-tassel-necklace agate-stone-meaning


Agate Physical Healing Energy

Since a long time ago, Agate has been used for physical healing process. The Agate Physical Healing Energy affects human physical body by encouraging concentration and positive energy inside human body.

Agate uses to stimulate the is useful to improve the heart and blood pressure. An Agate pendant that is worn around the chest would also balance the blood pressure and the cardiac muscles. The same Agate could also improve human digestive system and heal some gastritis problem.

agate-stones-leather-14k-plate-statement-pendant-strand-necklace blue-agate-big-necklace-copper-gemstone-jewelry brown-agate-stone-earring Ring Natural Stone Red Agate / Silver Plated


Agate Emotional Healing Energy

Not only affect the physical energy, the stone has also been known as the Agate Emotional Healing Energy. The stone is also able to improve the ability of pragmatic thinking, as well as to improve the nerve system inside the brain to help us in decision making.

It is believed that Agate suggests our mind and spiritual to emphasize the positive energy inside the brain. Therefore, Agate is good to help healing trauma and the other negative energy such as anger.

yemeni-agate-stone-ring-made-of-old-silver green-agate-sterling-silver-long-drop-earrings jade-agate-necklace black-agate-stone-necklace-earrings-set


To summarize, Agate is indeed a type of mineral stones that holds powerful Agate Stone Meaning. It is able to affect the energy inside human body. Therefore, Agate is well known to be used as jewelry that also works to improve physical and psychological health.


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