Alexandrite Engagement Ring with Changeable Colors

About the engagement ring, people would think that diamond is the only precious gemstone used for this, but it is wrong since you can use many other different gemstones for your engagement ring. If you think that diamond is too expensive and you want something unique for your engagement ring then why don’t you try using alexandrite? Alexandrite engagement ring is going to be different from your regular diamond ring because unlike the diamond ring, alexandrite can change its color. That is right, when there are a lot of lights around, the alexandrite stone will have a bright green color, but by the night where lights are scarce, the stone will change into a much more reddish color.

This unique color changing property is not the only thing that makes the alexandrite stone a perfect material for your engagement ring, this stone also has a meaning behind it. It is believed that alexandrite gives the owner luck, as this stone is associated with fortune. This gem is very rare and it is a very rare gemstone which is why the price for alexandrite jewelries is also thought to be premium and cost a lot of money to get. If you are interested on this engagement ring, here is some more information for you.

Alexandrite Engagement Ring Ideas Vintage Alexandrite Engagement Ring


Color Change Alexandrite Engagement Ring

There is actually a solid reason on why the alexandrite engagement ring is capable of changing its color depending on the light and the reason can be summed up to one; chromium. Usually this substance does not occur naturally alongside beryllium; the main substance of alexandrite, but in a rare occasion when they do occur alongside each other, that is when the alexandrite stone was born. Without the chromium substance, the stone will only have one color and if it has silica instead of chromium, the gem will become an emerald instead.

Color Change Alexandrite Engagement Ring Ideas


Alexandrite Engagement Ring Property

The ability to change its color is not the only good property this stone has, the alexandrite stone is perfect to be used for an engagement ring also because this stone is extremely hard and durable. Although it is not as hard as a diamond; diamond got 10 rating while alexandrite got “only” 8.5, but you will not need to do any special care for the stone’s treatment, although it is best for you to treat the ring carefully; a hard enough blow will still damage the stone.

Alexandrite Engagement Ring Ideas


Alexandrite Engagement Ring Price

Since this stone is hard and can change color, not to mention this stone can only made via rare natural occurrence, so the alexandrite must be priced very expensive due to its rarity then? Well you are true, although the carat is not the only barometer used to determine the price of the gemstone. For average, a carat of alexandrite is priced for $500, but if that stone has brightness and color changing ability, the price might go up tremendously, while if the color is pretty light or pale, it will be priced lower.

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Natural Russian Alexandrite Engagement Ring

The first place where you can find the alexandrite stone is Russia and for a long time the country is the sole producer of the gemstone, although it is now available in other countries such as Brazil, Sri Lanka or Zimbabwe, the Russian alexandrite gemstone is still regarded as the best quality. Fun fact, the name alexandrite is actually taken from the name of the Russian Tsar Alexander II, it is said that the day of founding of the stone is the very same day to the Tsar coming of age.

Natural Russian Alexandrite Engagement Ring Ideas


Synthetic Alexandrite Engagement Ring

So, it is rare and very difficult to find, not to mention it is very expensive, are there no other alternative to get an alexandrite engagement ring? Well, there is actually one, the synthetic alexandrite stone; usually called the lab alexandrite stone. These synthetic stone can be customized to have better contrast when it changes color, not to mention the quality and hardness are on par with the original one. You can also easily find lab alexandrite engagement ring on store with cheaper price.

Synthetic Alexandrite Engagement Ring Ideas


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