All about Diamond Birthstone in a Nutshell

Diamond birthstone is one of the most valuable gemstones loved by almost everybody, especially women. Since diamond is very beautiful and expensive people collect it. You know that the word diamond actually comes from the Greek word Adamas means hardest metal, right? This gemstone coming from Carbon family is considered valuable for its prismatic colors and great hardness. This is the hardest of all existing gemstones actually. This is a kind of great birthstone that can be given to the loved ones. To decide how expensive it is, people can use 4 Cs grading system: color, clarity, cut, and carat.

It is about the shapes and quality of workmanship when it comes to diamond cut. To decide the color of diamond, experts examine their hue, tone, and saturation. The carat is to measure the size of diamond. The clarity of diamond is decided by its internal and external flaws. As we know that the jewelry with Diamond Birthstone is very expensive. Those who are without enough money to buy even a ring with a very small diamond, they no need to worry.

Nowadays, synthetic and manmade diamonds are available. Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia are examples of diamond imitation. Manmade and synthetic diamonds are almost the same with the real diamond so they are also very popular among people who want to wear jewelry. Common people who are not experts won’t know the difference between the synthetic and the real Diamond Birthstone. So, if they want to buy a piece of jewelry with diamond should buy in a reputable diamond store.

white-raw-diamond-ring gold-and-silver-white-diamond-birthstone-bracelet color-diamond-hoop-earrings


Diamond Birthstone is for people with Aries Zodiac Sign who were born from March 21 to 20 of April. This is also good as a gift for 60thwedding anniversary. Aries Zodiac Sign which is influenced by Mars Planet has the Ram as its symbol. Diamond associates with balance, clarity, abundance, ability to increase inner strength and to enhance relationship. People believe that by wearing diamond they can cure health problems in their pituitary glands and brain.

People who get poisons and toxins in their body can get rid of them with diamond. Beside we can give a piece of diamond jewelry to our loved ones, we can alternate it with Topaz, Sapphire, Jasper, Bloodstone, or Aquamarine. Take a look at pieces of jewelry below with diamond that has been a kind of tradition to be given to the loved ones since thousand years ago.

Types of Jewelry Pieces to be completed with Diamond Birthstone:

  • Diamond ring
  • Diamond earrings
  • Diamond bracelet
  • Diamond pendant
  • Diamond necklace


aries-birthstone-ideas diamond-18k-white-gold-micro-pave-set-heart-necklace round-pear-shape-diamond-platinum-18k-earrings unique-8-02ct-diamond-27-80ct-sapphire-18k-gold-cuff-bracelet


It’s great to know about Diamond Birthstone surely. We will be very happy just to be given jewelry pieces made from synthetic diamond, let alone the real ones.


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