All about Sagittarius Birthstone? Meaning and Characteristic!

Sagittarius birthstone is Turquoise. This is birthstone that becomes spiritual attainments tone that allows the wearer for gain success and past the life knowledge easier. For the long time, astrological knowledge calculates the elements and estimates human character and fortune from the natural elements that influence them. There is also alternative gemstone for Sagittarius birthstone. When you choose the right birthstone for you, take the advantage that you need from the stone itself. You also can choose from the character and personality that depict from the birthstone as it explained below.

It is depend to your intuition as Sagittarius person to choose right birthstone for you. The birthstone is not only provides you guide in character and personality, but it also believed has healing power that can support your health in entire life. Discover more about Sagittarius birthstone and you can send them as gift for your Sagittarius friend or family.

Sagittarius jewelry can be made from earring, pendant, necklace, rings and bracelets. The Turquoise has the power for this popular jewelry. If you have jewelry from Sagittarius birthstone, you can save it and insurance it. Sagittarius is nice person that full of joy and have high inquisitive folk. The Sagittarius jewelry from Sagittarius birthstone below act as lucky stone or charming Sagittarius person that represent Sagittarius deep thought and courage to the truth.


Sagittarius Birthstone Characteristic, Meaning and Personality

Sagittarius is signs of zodiac for people that born in November 23rd into December 21st. This zodiac is signs with Fire that associated with energy, passion and action. People who live under Sagittarius in general has posses with positive traits such as ethical, humorous, dynamic, generous, and compassionate. The negative traits from Sagittarius circumstances are impractical, superstitious, foolish, proud, impractical, and impulsive.

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The Sagittarius birthstone options; Turquoise, Topaz, Blue Zircon, Lapis Lazuli, Citrine and Ruby

  • The Turquoise birthstone for Sagittarius is believed conducting energies to the wearer from Jupiter with the sympathetic feeling. People who wear turquoise will very help with the communication aspect. They are believed help the wearer to speak in right manner. This gemstone said has pure energy that related and resonates with third eye chakra and throat.


  • Topaz is Sagittarius birthstone that coherently reflected into several old calendars includes in Hebrew, Italian, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Indian, and Roman. Topaz also gemstone that rule under Jupiter planet that also consistent with Sagittarius born associated. Topaz is transparent stone that occurs in varies colors of orange, red and even the blue topaz. The identified color for Sagittarius is yellow topaz.


Sagittarius Birthstones Properties

  • Turquoises are most associated with prosperity, good luck and success. The happiness and protection into all diseases. Turquoise also associated with regeneration and strengthening and open communication. Turquoise also said it has benefit in develop intuition and vision physics.
  • Topaz Sagittarius birthstone represents to optimism, that embodies from the clear transparent view. Topaz is gemstone that believed bring growth and prosperity. For Sagittarius itself, topaz believed enhance strength, improve eyesight and injury protection.
  • Ruby is special gemstone that has attractive look as crystal and known as high quality gemstone. Ruby for long time has popular as jewelry and has wonderful ability in enhance coincidence and synchronicity. People who wear this ruby stone is believed can enhance their creativity. This is gemstone that has power to encourage and influx the love energy in physical and spiritual feeling.
  • Lapis lazuli helps aid in enlightenment. This stone will bring the wearer into spiritually life and direct to communication gifts.

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Sagittarius Birthstones Healing Power

In traditional culture, giving gift with this birthstone is representation for praying luck for the wearer. The gemstone especially is believed has healing power that beneficiary into the wearer. The healing power is believed from the metaphysical properties.

  • Turquoise has healing power for infection disease, teeth illness, throat and asthma illness, lungs and reduces depressions. In the past, turquoise believed has power for cure poor eyesight and it can protect from any unexpected accidents.
  • Ruby is gemstone that has special quality that helps in prosperity and aid abundance.


Sagittarius zodiac is signs and symbol for candor and honesty. The sign is symbol for independence. Appreciated to abstract thought and idealism and freedom and Sagittarius particularly strength related with Turquoise.


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