All About Silver: What is 925 Silver

For jewelry collectors, silver jewelry must be part of your collection. But, What is 925 Silver? Or in more general question what is the exact difference between silver and any other high value metals? You should know about silver better. It would be very helpful for your collection to know more about silver.

Knowing more about silver would begin with a question “What is silver?”. It is a fundamental knowledge you have to know so you can easily learn about the 925 silver, sterling silver, how to keep silver clean, and how to distinguish silver from the other metals. Since silver is quite distinguish from another metal, it becomes one of the most popular material for jewelry.

After knowing the basic information about what exactly silver is, it would be easier for you to choose and take care of your jewelry and silver collection. These following information would be the basic things you really need to know before buying silver jewelry:


The right definition: What is silver?

It is quite challenging to answer the question, “What is silver?”. In short, silver is actually one of the metallic elements. It comes with Ag for the symbol in chemistry. The symbol Ag stands for argentium, a Latin word, that also means shinning and gray in Greek. As a metal element, silver has its own atomic number. It is 47. So, silver is a metal element. We can get the pure silver if we want.

However, most people know argentium simply as one type of silver. Argentium which is actually another name of silver, it also refers to a 92.5% silver with 7.5% germanium added. Unfortunately, argentium is also known as a type of silver that easily be tarnished.

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So, what does .925 mean?

Besides the argentium, the .925 silver is another type of silver that is quite popular. But, what does .925 mean? The .925 is actually a type of silver that is processed by adding a small amount of copper, about 7.5% to make the silver more durable to use in jewelry. If it is compared to the pure silver or the .999 silver with 99.9% fineness, the .925 is indeed more durable. It is the best quality of silver for jewelry.

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What is sterling silver?

What is sterling silver? It is actually an alloy of silver. There is a chemical process of adding another metal element such as copper. We can find several quality marks that are acceptable for sterling silver like the sterling itself, ster, and the last is the .925 itself.

The sterling silver is indeed a better material than the pure silver since it is more durable. Silver can actually tarnish. Silver would react to hydrogen sulfide and sulfur in the air. Chemically speaking, it is not oxidation since it does not react to water and oxygen. Therefore, the adding of some metal element to the pure silver would prevent it from tarnishing.

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Caring tips: how to clean silver jewelry?

How to clean silver jewelry? There are some easy cleaning methods:

Use silver liquid cleaner. It is the most popular method. We just need to apply some silver liquid cleaner. The cleaner smells really bead, but it works well. We can purchase it almost in all silver shops and even in several super market.

Silver polishing cloth. If you do not like the smell of the silver liquid cleaner, you can choose a silver polishing cloth to clean your silvers.

Toothpaste. You can even apply a little toothpaste for a few minutes to your silvers. Then, you can wash the silver and dry it well with some wash clothes.

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What is the difference between silver, white gold, and platinum?

Silver, white gold, and platinum are simply known as white metals. But, What is the difference between silver, white gold, and platinum? They look similar as we know, silver is a metal element that is usually added by 7.5% of another metal. Meanwhile, white gold is harder than silver. It is also more precious. And platinum is the “premium” one. It is the hardest one. It is used not only for jewelry, but also for medical needs.

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In short, knowing about silver is much more than answer “What is 925 Silver?”. We also have to know the types of silver and how to take care of it well. Since silver is not as pricey as gold, we can have more silver collection. They would be great jewelry when we care it well.


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