All the Things You Have to Know About April Birthstone Color

Have you known about your birthstone? For you who were born in April, you have to know about April birthstone color. Actually, every people has birthstone color. And for people who were born in April, their birthstone color is diamond.

Diamond is a gemstone that is so beautiful, and it is included into the most popular gemstone in the world. It can be used as jewelry and will be so good to be combined with interesting wardrobe. The common color of this gemstone is white or clear color, but there are also diamond which has other color, such as red, brown, yellow, pink and more. And colored diamond is more expensive than white diamond.

Many people use jewelry made of diamond to get many benefits. Diamond has many benefits and has good meaning too. Read the information below to know more about Diamond—Birthstone for April.


Is April Birthstone Color Important?

Some people may not know that color of birthstone is very important. It influences the value, rarity and also quality of gemstone. When you have to purchase April gemstone, April birthstone color will influence the cost you have to pay. It also shows whether the gemstone is precious or semi precious gemstone.


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Facts About April Birthstone

As explained before, diamond is common April birthstone. Aquamarine is also zodiac stone for Aries. This gemstone is believed to bring good luck and avoid misfortune. Not only about it, here are other facts about April birthstone color:

  • White, clear and transparent is the common color of diamond. But, diamond also has various colors such as red, pink, yellow, brown and many more. Colored diamond included into most expensive diamond.
  • Diamond was found long time ago, about 400 B.C. The documentation has shown it. During the 15th century, diamonds sale develop so much, because the Eastern route is opened
  • Diamond has prismatic colors that show beautiful appearance. The crystal structure of diamond is Isometric. Diamond also included into gemstone which consists of carbon.
  • Diamond also has healing power. It has healing power for curing any problems that relate to brain and pituitary glands. People also believe that diamond can effect to individual balance and one’s clarity. Diamond can also boost energy when it is combined with other crystal.
  • To know the value of diamond, you have to ask the jeweler because it depends on cut, clarity, carats, and color
  • The largest diamond has been found in Africa and called as Cullinan diamond. It has 621.35 g as its weight and 3106.75 as its carats.


What is the Meaning of April Birthstone Color?

People believe that diamond has mystical powers and also healing powers to cure health problem and also emotional. About meaning of April birthstone color which is white relates to purity and virtue. In Biblical meaning, white relates to holiness. It is also be a color that relate to church service for marriage, baptism, dedications and ordination.


yellow-white-gold-april-birthstone white-yellow-gold-braceletSilver-Uncut-Diamond-Ring


What are April Birthstone Colors?

April birthstone colors are influenced by impurities or structural defects which cause coloration. When we talk about diamond, it can be divided into 3 different colors, which are hue (the first impression of color white, clear), tone (the darkness or lightness of the ranging from light to medium, and medium to dark), and saturation (the intensity of aquamarine color that is measured from dull to strong, and to vivid.)

Well, those are some information for you about April birthstone color. You can use the information above to get the best April birthstone for yourself.


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