All the Things You Have to Know About March Birthstone Color

Have you known about your birthstone? For you who were born in March, you have to know about March birthstone color. Actually, every people has different birthstone color. And for people who were born in March, their birthstone color is blue, and it is found in Aquamarine gemstone.

Aquamarine is a gemstone that is so beautiful. It can be used as jewelry and will be so good to be combined with interesting wardrobe. This gemstone has various shades of color, but it is identical with pale blue color, deep-green, and other color with blue shade.

Many people use jewelry made of aquamarine to get many benefits. Aquamarine has many benefits and has good meaning too. Read the information below to know more about Aquamarine—Birthstone for March.


Is Birthstone Color for March Important?

Some people may not know that color of birthstone is very important. It influences the value, rarity and also quality of gemstone. When you have to purchase March gemstone, March birthstone color will influence the cost you have to pay. It also shows whether the gemstone is precious or semi precious gemstone.


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Facts About Birthstone Color for March

As explained before, aquamarine is common birthstone for March. Aquamarine is also zodiac stone for Pisces. This gemstone is believed to stimulate youthful happiness and can relieve anxiety. Not only about it, here are other facts about March birthstone color:

  • The color of aquamarine is pale blue, sky-blue, greenish-blue, and blue-green. Every shade of aquamarine color looks so beautiful and will make jewelry looks so perfect. But deeper blue color of aquamarine, more valuable the price of aquamarine gemstone.
  • Aquamarine is the most flawless crystal with excellent clarity and transparency. So, no wonder if so many people who used this gemstone as material for making eyeglasses long time ago. Actually, sliver of aquamarine can be used to correct near-sighted vision.
  • Aquamarine consists of some properties, such as mineral and beryl. Beryl consists of hexagonal crystal and it is colorless. But when FE2 and FE3 found in beryl, aquamarine has various colors, such as pale blue and deep blue.
  • People believed that aquamarine has healing powers. Although it is not founded in sciences, but people believed that aquamarine is useful to cure insomnia, mental clarity, reduce anxiety, enhance communication, and many more. Even during the Roman times, it was believed to cure ailment of the throat, mouth, liver and jaw.


What is the Meaning of March Birthstone Color?

People believe that aquamarine has mystical powers and also healing powers to cure health problem and also emotional. About meaning of March birthstone color which is blue relate to the state of servitude. Blue color has Biblical meaning, which is heavenly grace. People believe it because The Virgin Mary often wears blue clothes.

Long time ago, the Romans used aquamarine as their guardian and associated this gemstone with Neptune, the King of Sea. They bring it to against the dangers in the sea. So, some people believe that aquamarine can protect themselves from various types of dangers.


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What are March Birthstone Colors?

March birthstone colors are influenced by impurities or structural defects which cause coloration. When we talk about aquamarine, it can be divided into 3 different colors, which are hue (the first impression of color pale blue), tone (the darkness or lightness of the ranging from light to medium, and medium to dark), and saturation (the intensity of aquamarine color that is measured from dull to strong, and to vivid.)

Well, those are some information for you about March birthstone color. You can use the information above to get the best March birthstone for yourself. Besides aquamarine, there are other March birthstone, such as blood stone, jasper, jade, and gold siva-linga. You can choose the best one that you like the most.


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