Amethyst Birthstone for Marriage Gemstone

Before starting your marriage, you have to find the best gemstone. For your reference, you can just take Amethyst birthstone. It is good to take this type of birthstone if you are Aquarius or born around January 21 up to February 19. The best part of this gemstone is on its color which represents the blue color of the sea.

In fact, it consists of three different elements. Those are hue, tone, and saturation. The elements mentioned above give significant impact to the color of the amethyst birthstone. The things you need to know about this gemstone will be explained below.


The Meaning of Amethyst Birthstone

Amethyst birthstone has deep meaning. As person with Amethyst gemstone, you will have better spiritual personality. Moreover, you are also a wise person, sober, and secure. In the real meaning, Amethyst is coming from Greek and it means not drunken. It seems that by wearing this gemstone, you will be more aware with yourself for better personality.

The shape of this gemstone is pyramid along with sparkling purple color. It is also possible to find amethyst with pale, dark, deep purple and dusty color of this gemstone. Each of area has different type of amethyst gemstone and it is the reason why people love to wear jewelry with this gemstone.

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The Types of Amethyst Birthstone

Besides wearing jewelry with Amethyst birthstone, you are also able to choose Hyacinth. The color of this gemstone is red and yellow. By wearing this type of gemstone, you can feel more peaceful because it stables your emotion. Pearl is also included in this type of birthstone. When you are using this gemstone it means you are good in love.

Your love is pure and real. It is also a good option for you who want to find a gemstone for marriage jewelry. Moonstone is the next option. This type of gemstone can stimulate your personality into better personality. This gemstone is also creating charming personality.


Amethyst Birthstone for Health Condition

The best part is that Amethyst birthstone is also good for healing therapy. Some of therapists are using this gemstone to cure your illnesses. Those are including headache, insomnia, poor blood circulation, and may more. Just remember that today you are easily attacked by dangerous toxin.

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To prevent such kind of dangerous toxin, you can wear jewelry with Amethyst birthstone. Because it gives positive impact against insomnia, you will also have good sleeping quality. You can wake up fresher and positive spirit because you have good sleeping quality. In short, by wearing jewelry with this gemstone, you will have better health condition. You can feel fresh and full of energy to do your daily activity than before.


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