Aquamarine Birthstone Jewelry for Your Loved One

Aquamarine Birthstone jewelry is something valuable usually collected by people especially women, who love or collect it for the sake of investment. People normally wear it on their hands, fingers, head, ears, neck, feet, and body. Most of it is made from metals such as gold, silver, platinum, titanium, and stainless steel. Out of five, there are only gold, silver, and platinum considered to be valuable. Another valuable material for the making of it is gemstone. Most people are familiar with Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. Actually there are other kinds of valuable stones available, one of them is Aquamarine.

Are you familiar with Aquamarine Birthstone that can be created to be Aquamarine Jewelry? This transparent and pale green gemstone is a variety of Beryl that is commonly used as a gemstone. The name Aquamarine is from Latin word Aqua Marina that means Sea Water which reflects the color of crystal.

Aquamarine Jewelry is like diamond when it comes to grades. Its grading system is 4 Cs: color, cut, clarity, and carat. Aquamarine Birthstone comes various widely in blue colors and their shades are blue, blue-green, and sea-green. We know that gemstones can be used as birthstones so when our loved ones celebrate their birthday we can give gemstone jewelry on their birthday. Aquamarine is for those who were born in March.


aquamarine-and-gold-necklace 1-5ct-aquamarine-and-diamond-ring


Aquamarine Jewelry as Birthstone Jewelry

Those who were born in March may be received a gift of Aquamarine Birthstone from their loved ones. It is believed that Aquamarine is a symbol of faithfulness, courage, and friendship. Some people even believe that it can give people who wear it a sense of awareness and ability to communicate well and response quickly. This kind of jewelry also can be used as a gift for celebrating the nineteenth wedding anniversary. This gemstone’s zodiac sign is Pisces which is ruled by Neptune Planet—the twelfth sign of Zodiac with fish as its symbol.

The color of Aquamarine gemstone which range from the pale to deepest blue will make your loved ones happy to wear it. As an alternative, if you want to give a gift to people with Pisces Zodiac sign celebrating their birthday or for your spouse in your 19th wedding anniversary, you can give the one made from Jasper, Ruby, Amethyst, or Bloodstone.


march-birthstone-jewelry aquamarine-march-birthstone-earrings


It’s great to have Aquamarine Birthstone in our jewelry collection, right? For the Aquamarine gemstone has natural beautiful blue colors with beautiful shades.


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