Aquarius Birthstone and the Deep Meaning It Represents

Every zodiac has its own birthstone and each of every one of them symbolizes some meanings and even has healing properties. If you are born around January 21 and February 19, your zodiac is Aquarius and Aquarius birthstone is Amethyst, or is also widely known as February birthstone.

At first glance, you might think that the main element of Aquarius is water. But the truth is, Aquarius is an air zodiac that comes under the influence of planet Uranus. And because of this Aquarius is represented by Amethyst as its gemstone.

It is true that just like the Aquarians, Amethyst is a special gem. Histories have proved that this gemstone is used by royals from so many countries. Many people believed that this purple gemstone is Cleopatra’s favorite and it symbolizes beauty and elegance. Yes, Aquarians, you can be proud because of this. If you are curious what other great things this precious stone has in store, let’s find out the information below.


The Personality Symbolization of Aquarius Birthstone and the Zodiac

Aquarians have some interesting personality traits that set them apart with people with other zodiacs. People who are born under the influence of Aquarius are well known as opinionated person. They are not afraid to speak what’s on their mind and they are very driven to achieve their goals.

However, those traits sometimes make them act recklessly. They are very creative and goal-driven, so they tend to be very erratic and not afraid of anything as long as they can get what they want. When the negative traits cannot be controlled, it is very easy for Aquarians to fall into sadness and depression. Thankfully, they have Amethyst as their birthstone. Amethyst is known as a gem that can bring balance into life. So, people who bring this majestic gemstone with them can find the middle spot between their positive and negative characteristic.

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Amethyst, the Traditional Aquarius Birthstone

Amethyst is the traditional birthstone of Aquarius. The color is shining purple and it is often worn by the royals. However, this zodiac also has some other representative stones which more or less have the same meaning with Amethyst. The first one is Sugilite which is believed to bring balance between body and mind just like Amethyst. If you prefer other spectrum of color, you can use Lapis
Lazuli which can invite luck and more creativity to your mind.

The Main Properties of Aquarius Birthstone

Amethyst and other gemstones for Aquarius are associated with peace, stability and harmony. These stones can help inviting inner peace and calmness within our mind. Amethyst specifically is a great gift for people who struggle with anxiety. This is because Amethyst is believed to help people let go of their sadness and give them strength to continue their life.

Angelite, in the other hand, is believed to help you connect with the angels. It symbolizes love, compassion and sincerity towards others. This gemstone can be a great birthday present for someone wit angelic characteristic who is always nice towards other people.

Magical Healing Power of Aquarius Birthstone

Many people believe that gemstones have healing properties. This is why birthstone is very popular. Birthstone is believed to have more healing powers because it represents the ruling planet during our birth so it is more in sync with our aura.

Aquarius birthstone can be used to treat alcoholism and other types of addictions. Aquarians can be very rebellious and lost in their thoughts when they are sad. In this state, they are to over abuse alcohol to fill their emptiness. In this case, we can see that Amethyst can be very helpful for its bearers to overcome their problems. Moreover, this stone can also be used to help with headaches and anxiety.

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About Aquarius Birthstone as Jewelry and the Insurance

Because of Aquarius color stone which is soft and feminine, these gemstones mostly become a present from a man to his mother, wife, daughter or sister. But Amethyst and other stones of this zodiac are actually suitable for every gender. Just pay attention to how the jewelry is going to be like if you want to tone down the femininity. Amethyst is actually not that expensive, but it is still valuable. So, it is best if you obtain special Jewelry Insurance for your gemstone so you can get proper reimbursement in case of theft or loss.


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