The Difference between Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

Do you know the difference between engagement ring and wedding ring? Do you think they are the same? Engagement ring is a symbol of wedding culture. It is given to a woman by a man who proposes her to get married. When a couple finally gets married, they will wear wedding ring. So what is […]

A Flower Engagement Ring to Die for

A man wanting to propose his girlfriend to be his fiancée should buy a flower engagement ring to die for. An engagement ring should be special and one of a kind because this is for the loved one you will spend the rest of your life with. The designs and materials are various for engagement […]

The Best Place to Buy Diamonds

Where is the best place to buy diamonds? That is the questions will probably be asked by people wanting the best diamonds for them. People know that diamonds are very expensive. Not everybody can afford to buy diamonds. They really need to know the best jewelers offering the best diamonds. Surely, there are lots of […]

Best Place to Buy Engagement Rings for Your Special Day

Best place to buy engagement rings are available on your local area. There are many best places you can visit to buy this ring. To find the best place for buying this ring, you can ask your family or friend’s recommendation. You can ask those who have great experience about where to purchase this ring. […]

Wooden Engagement Rings Buying Guides

Wooden engagement rings can be the best idea for your big day. It will be unique present you can give to your beloved one. This type of ring will play and show the natural beauty for the couples in order to have eco friendly rings. There are some aspects you need to know about this […]

Types of Diamond Cuts for Your Engagement Day

Types of diamond cuts are divided into five main types. There are five main types of diamond cuts that will give different diamond shapes and types. Each shape and type will provide you some pros and cons. What you need to do is to make sure that you choose the right one for you and […]

Jewelry Storage Ideas Fun Ways You Can Use

Thinking of jewelry storage ideas may be a bit worrying for you who have not had this kind of storage before. If you collect some jewelry, you need to make it organized by having the right storage. The storage should not only be pretty to decorate your room, but it must also be accessible. One […]

DIY Jewelry Holder Simple-yet-Pretty Ideas

DIY jewelry holder is the best way for you to keep your jewelry collection to be more organized. There is a bunch of ideas that you can even try to make yourself in order to put the jewelry on the right place that you can easily access without having to make it cluttered. One of […]

Jewelry Organizer DIY to Organize Your Jewelries

Do not let your jewelries in a really messy state. Getting the coolest jewelry organizer DIY is not hard at all, you only need even so little carpentry skill and some common tools such as hammer, drill, and scissor. Most important thing on making this jewelry organizer is make the separators to differentiate jewelry kind […]