Best June Birthstone Color

In this article, you will find some important information about June Birthstone Color, the facts about the stone as well as some guide about it.

The Reason for Birthstone Color is Important

The Birthstones color tells the uncommonness, value and the gemstone quality. You have to consider about the birthstone colors when you buy a jewelry piece with precious or semi-precious gemstone over it.

Facts and Information about June Birthstone Color

  • The gemstone for June is Pearl
  • June birthstone color is White
  • Zodiac/ Date of Birth: Gemini/ May 21 – June 21.
  • There are a wide range of shades and colors of Pearl
  • Pearl is biologically produced in a mollusk. It origins from the coating of foreign body like sand with the mother of pearl inside the mollusk. Then the round gemstone is produced.
  • The different colors of pearls are determined by the mussel or oyster type as well as the geographical areas or the place of the mollusks production.
  • Pearls can be iridescence; it is the pearly luster for the colors effect that can be like colors combination or rainbow color like blue, pink, green and also silver.
  •  Pearl is considered as purity stone and it is believed to give wisdom, good luck and protection.


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Meaning and Symbolism of June Birthstone Color

Specific birthstone colors like Pearl have specific attributes too. The birthstone colors have special meanings that are gotten from how the stone related to events happened in history. Many of the history times were related to the biblical colors meaning. White color was very symbolic in Christian meaning.

The healers and wise men in the ancient times believed that gemstones and jewels like Pearl provide mystical powers. It conducts the ruling planets energies associated to the gemstone. Then it affects the emotional or physical wellness and also the healing powers. For the mystical power, Pearl is believed to be an effective treat for health problems associated to heart, stomach and also spleen.

Pearl is also believed as a gemstone that can calm your mind and help preventing hysteria as well as promoting the stability of mental. Gemstones and the attributes were associated to Zodiac or month of birth signs as well as referred to Birthstones.


Find the meaning and symbolism of June Birthstone Color below;

The white color of pearl has a symbolic meaning as virtue and purity. Based on the Biblical meaning, white means holiness. That is why this color is used by Christians for celebrating Holy Days as well as in the Church Year festivals like Christmas and Easter celebration. The Pop is related to the white color and the color commonly becomes the color for church services for marriage, baptism, dedications and ordination.


June Birthstone Color – Tone, Hue and Saturation

The Birthstone colors are strong minded by structural defects or impurities that ground the coloration as well as the selective absorption of gemstones to certain light wavelengths named the body color. There are three components consisted in gemstones color, such as:

  • The white color’s first impression called Hue
  • The lightness or darkness that is ranged from light – medium – dark, which is called Tone
  • The gemstones’ color intensity that is distinguished from dull – strong – vivid, which is called Saturation.


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June Birthstone Color

  • Lead to traditional color of month
  • Facts and information about June Birthstone Color
  • The Color meaning
  • Meaning and symbolism
  • The Information and facts about the hue, saturation and tone in gemstones
  • Traditional favors for special events

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