Black Onyx Stone for Power

When people are talking about onyx, it seems like people always imagine about the stone which comes with black color. Black onyx Stone maybe becomes the most common color which can be found in onyx stone although actually onyx is commonly type of chalcedony with black and white band composition.

It is true that black onyx becomes more popular not because of its beauty but also for the meaning behind this gemstone. Black Onyx Properties can be the reason why this gemstone comes with beautiful color. However, there will also be interesting story about Black
Onyx History. There is no way people can forget about Black Onyx Meaning.

Just like any other gemstone, some people also have Black Onyx As Birthstone. Because of birthstone, beautiful color, and also meaning, people are able to find many offers of Black Onyx Jewelry.


Black Onyx Properties

Although people think that onyx comes as black stone, in fact people will also be able to find onyx which is not black. Understanding the Black Onyx Properties will be useful for knowing more about this gemstone. Onyx is included in the minerals which are called quartz and it is type of hard rock.

Onyx usually refers to chalcedony with white or black color. It is not the only characteristic of onyx because it is different from agate considering the banding quality. Banded chalcedony can be called as onyx if it comes with parallel stripes. Term of onyx usually will refer to black onyx after all.

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Black Onyx History

Onyx as term comes from onux in Greek which has meaning of fingernail or claw. Both are resemble the onyx pebbles which have flesh colors. According to Black Onyx History, there was a time when the white, brown, and black chalcedony stones were considered as onyx.

This stone is used as ornaments and carving for long period of time. It is also used for making pottery piece such as bowl. Dyeing the onyx is possible for getting the uniform black shade. There is also possibility for polishing and treating onyx with heat.

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Black Onyx Meaning

The meaning of onyx cannot be separated from its color which is commonly black. Other black stones have the meaning associated with the grounding stone and Black Onyx Meaning is the same. This stone is believed for keeping someone grounded to the reality. It can be used as protection from the negative energy from outward and the internal imbalance.

It is also useful for balancing the excessive excitement and passion. It has the power for neutralizing the mental stress as well as negative emotion. Powerful charm can be made with black onyx for self protection and self mastery.

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Black Onyx As Birthstone

Black onyx is considered as the stone to bestow power and courage. There is no doubt that black onyx becomes very powerful stone. This can be the reason why Black Onyx As Birthstone can be found for the most ambitious zodiac sign according to ancient astrologers.

Black onyx becomes the birthstone for people with Leo and Capricorn zodiac. According to ancient Italian and Hebrew calendar, black onyx becomes the birthstone for people who are born in July. Meanwhile according to Old Tibetan calendar, black onyx becomes the birthstone for month of December.

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Black Onyx Jewelry

Because of the black color, Black Onyx Jewelry usually is used for mourning jewelry. However, of course people do not always use the jewelry from black onyx for mourning purpose only. It can be combined with other colored stone for instance but of course it can also be used as all black jewelry. Nowadays, this kind of jewelry is also used for emo and goth fashion. It can also be worn as birthstone by Leo and Capricorn. Wearing jewelry with black onyx can also give edgy look. This jewelry will look great for any hue since it comes with neutral color, black.

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One thing for sure, black onyx can be made into various kinds of jewelry from ring to necklace. Black onyx Stone becomes pretty common choice of gemstone which can be used for jewelry. The black color and its beauty of course are not the only reason why this gemstone is popular. Its price is also affordable enough to be made into jewelry for various purposes.


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