Black Tourmaline Bracelet for A Powerful Jewelry

A Black Tourmaline Bracelet is known as a powerful jewelry. We may have heard countless of powerful jewelry. But still, you have to know more about the black tourmaline. As one of jewelries with a metaphysical meaning, black tourmaline represents not only symbolized meaning, but also powerful meaning.

The meaning of tourmaline makes it famous for its power. Tourmaline is more than just crystal for jewelry, it has been believed to perform metaphysical power. A lot of people believe that tourmaline, especially the black one, is able to protect human life from negative energy.

The protection also suggest positive effects such as to improve happiness and to heal people. Most people would love to have black tourmaline to improve positive things in their life.


The Meaning of Tourmaline

Tourmaline has several varieties, including the black tourmaline that is found in some locations such as in the USA, Pakistan, Brazil Sri Lanka, and even Africa. The black tourmaline is also called the Schorl Tourmaline. The meaning of Tourmaline comes from aword in Sinhalese, the “turmali” that means yellow Zircon. In the past, the crystal was called “tumalin” and today it becomes “Tourmaline”.

The black tourmaline is actually only one of colors. Tourmaline has various kind of colors with similar structure. But, commonly the black tourmaline is known as the most powerful one. It is because some scientists have discussed the positive energy that vibrate from inside the crystal. The energy is able to affect human electrical system.

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Who Should Use it?

Black tourmaline is easy to find, every body is allowed to wear it, but Who Should Use it? We have to know more about the effects first. Basically, the crystal would protect people against negative entities and psychic attack. The crystal would touch your inner positive energy to strengthen not only your spirits, but also your immune system. People who have to travel a lot and people with allergies are those who should try the black tourmaline. The electrical magnetic vibrations would affect the chakra inside your body to perform its best power.

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How To Use It?

Then, how to use it right? The easiest way to use black tour’ to get your body its best advantages is to keep it around your body as long as possible. Therefore, some people use it as jewelry such as pendant or bracelet. Some people would also love to have some black tourmaline accessories around their bed. The effects would also help improving your body condition while you are sleeping, especially in your night sleep.

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How Will It Help You?

Then, how will it help you exactly? The system is quite simple and similar to the other powerful stones and crystal. Black tourmaline is able to resonate particular electrical and magnetic vibrations. It has certain inner energy that is able to affect human body and spiritual. The energy would touch your chakra or the center of inner power softly when you are around the black tourmaline. Therefore, the best way to know how it works is to keep the crystal around the body.



Why Would You Use it?

Some people still have an important question, “How would you use it?”. It is indeed not just a metaphysical question. It is also a scientific question. People would use the black tourmaline is because of its powerful energy. Scientifically speaking, the crystal indeed reflects particular positive energy in a form of low vibrations. It affects a person’s inner energy and even brain.

Indeed, the effect would get human body more ability to stay away from negativity and boost their immune system. For some believers, the black tourmaline hold some mystical benefits. The black tourmaline is believed to prevent negative entities from affecting human’s life. Some people believe that it is the effect of positive energy that improve human inner power and immune system.



In short, a Black Tourmaline Bracelet can be the best example for a tourmaline jewelry. The black tourmaline that is worn as a bracelet would resonate great vibrations as long as you are wearing that. Bracelet is also a neutral jewelry that can be worn both by males and females in any occasion. It is important to keep the crystal around our body to get its positive effect.


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