Black Tourmaline Bracelet for A Powerful Jewelry

A Black Tourmaline Bracelet is known as a powerful jewelry. We may have heard countless of powerful jewelry. But still, you have to know more about the black tourmaline. As one of jewelries with a metaphysical meaning, black tourmaline represents not only symbolized meaning, but also powerful meaning. The meaning of tourmaline makes it famous […]

Tiger Eye Bracelet as a Healthy Jewelry

A Tiger Eye Bracelet has been known as a jewelry that is suggested to be worn to improve someone’s health and their ability to focus and concentrate during such kind of a meditation. Some people would also wear tiger eye as different kind of jewelry besides bracelet. Different from the other stones that are used […]

Cool Mens Bracelets Trends and Fashion Hacks

The cool mens bracelets have always been part of the world fashion discussion. Back in 80’s bracelets were the most common jewelry worn by men in southern European. In that era, gold bracelets were even so in fashioned. But, the taste of man fashion has been changing through time. Today, man fashion comes with much […]

Cool Bracelets for Guys to Get You Cooler

Most guys think that it is impossible to find cool bracelets for guys. A lot of people think that a man should wear only a watch as his jewelry. Yes, a watch is cool and can be so elegant, but bracelet can be even cooler. To find the cool jewelry, we should pay attention to […]

GPS Bracelet for Kids to Know Wherever Their Locations

GPS bracelet for kids is specially designed kids’ wearables with GPS technology inside. By wearing this bracelet, every kid will be so easy to find when they are lost by tracking the GPS. If your kid wears a GPS bracelet like Lineable, you can track his location in short distance monitoring by using a tracker […]

Tips to Find the Best ID Bracelets for Kids

ID bracelets for kids are important features to have by all small children for the safety purpose. The main function is to provide ID in your little child so if you lose the kid in crowded public place, you can find him or her back soon. When you go to a shopping mall, public swimming […]

Cutest Rainbow Loom Patterns You Can Try

Rainbow looms are on the rage these days and they are commonly so identical with little girls as well as teen girls. No wonder, making rainbow looms can be really fun and add up creativity of the maker. These are several cute rainbow loom patterns ideas worth trying. Most important thing on making rainbow looms […]

Try These Cool Rainbow Loom Bracelets for Girls Accessories

Ask the girls especially the teen aged ones, who doesn’t know cool rainbow loom bracelets? This accessories has been a big hit from a few years ago up until now. And the good thing is it can improve the girls’ creativity and earn them one cool accessories. This kind of accessories comes with various colors, […]

Beautiful Engraved Bracelets for Women

There are many models of the engraved bracelets for women on the market. With many models of the bracelets, we can be very confused to choose the best models. However, it is not so hard to choose the certain models of bracelets for women. Firstly, we just need to understand that a bracelet is just […]

Elegant King Cobra Paracord Bracelet for You

King cobra paracord bracelet is the new accessories with the high popularity on the market. Many people like to use this accessory to get the unique look for them. The popularity of this accessory is spreading all around the world. Some areas do not understand about this accessory, because they do not get the update […]