Cancer Birthstone for June 22-July 22 Born

People can have different perspective as well as preference about many things including about astrological sign. Some people believe in every single thing about astrological sign. Some other people just want to believe about the good thing. There are also people who think that it is nonsense. However, it is pretty popular fact that many people are looking for the gemstone which is suitable for them such as ruby for Cancer Birthstone.

It is true that people have different characteristic and personality. The zodiac sign and the birthstone can be the representation of those after all. Somehow, it can help people to understand their selves better. They can also control their selves better.

Of course it will be interesting to include the birthstone as part of their life. It can be representation of their personality but there can also be further function which they want to get from the birthstone.


Signs of Zodiac and Birthstone

People who were born between 22nd of June and 22nd of July will be under the zodiac sign of Cancer. Just like any other zodiac sign, Cancer surely will have specification associated with the ruling planet as well as element. Mercury becomes the ruling planet for people under Cancer zodiac sign.

The Mercury also rules over the gemstone and it becomes the birthstone for people under Cancer zodiac sign. It is ruby which becomes the Cancer Birthstone. People can try to compare ruby with other gemstones and they will be able to find the uniqueness which makes it different from other gemstones. That is why people with different zodiac sign and different birthstone can have different personality as well as characteristic.

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Personality and Characteristic of Cancer

There are twelve zodiac signs and the fourth one is Cancer. This zodiac sign will influence people who were born between June 22nd and July 22nd. As for the ruling element of this zodiac sign, people can find the water which has association with the emotion, identification, and process of growth.

People can try to combine it with other elements and it will represent the matching when they are meeting people with other zodiac signs after all. When people under Cancer zodiac sign meet other people with fire element for instance, the water will be boiled by fire. Water will be evaporated by the air. However, when water meets earth, the water will be shaped and channeled.

Set aside from the Cancer Birthstone, people should learn more about the positive and negative personalities of people under Cancer zodiac sign. The good things are the fact that people under Cancer zodiac sign is home lover, intuitive, sympathetic, placid, and imaginative. There are also the negative personalities which can be found such as moody, hypersensitive, changeable, depressive, as well as prone to the wishful thinking.

Ruby as Cancer Birthstone

Among so many gemstones which can be found, ruby becomes the common option of Cancer Birthstone. Of course people are also able to find the alternative options of gemstone for people under Cancer zodiac sign. Those gemstones are including moonstone, pearl, sardonyx, as well as emerald.

People from many years ago gave the jewelry from ruby or those alternative gemstones for people under Cancer zodiac sign because it is believed that ruby will be able to conduct planet Mercury energy. There is sympathetic energy which can be found from the planet Mercury after all.

Ruby Properties

Every gemstone comes with specific properties and for ruby as Cancer Birthstone, there are some properties which can be found. The gemstone represents the happiness, courage, devotion, as well as integrity. There are also some other properties which can be represented by this birthstone including strength, confidence, and also vitality. The gemstone will be used for bringing success, enhancing energy, and also improving generosity.

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Ruby Healing Properties

There is kind of great reason why people will give the jewelry from their zodiac sign birthstone. There is hope and prayer behind the gemstone after all including for health. As Cancer Birthstone, ruby also contains healing properties. Ruby is believed with the healing properties for some health conditions.

When people have problem with infection and blood, ruby can be effective help for them. When wearing ruby as birthstone, it will also be useful for increasing the pattern of positive thought.


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