Capricorn Birthstone for December 22-January 20 Born

There are some aspects which people will consider when they are choosing the jewelry. Jewelry becomes very important support for enhancing the appearance. Involving the Capricorn birthstone for example will be great choice for Capricorn people who are looking for the right jewelry.

It is true that different people can have different personality and the zodiac can be considered as the base of personality which people can find. Different zodiac can have different characteristic and there is nothing wrong to involve this in their appearance including by using the right birthstone for their jewelry.

People think that using the birthstone will be great idea for the special jewelry such as engagement ring or wedding ring. Nevertheless, of course the birthstone can be used for the jewelry which is used for appearance enhancement only.


Capricorn Zodiac Sign

In a year, there are twelve months and people can also find that there will also be twelve zodiac signs. Every month or zodiac sign has its birthstone. People can say that the zodiac sign actually is the astrological birthstone version. It can be said that someone has Capricorn zodiac if they were born at December 22nd to January 20th.

There will always be specific sign for every zodiac and for Capricorn; the sign comes in Goat form. It is also necessary to know more about the birthstone of the Capricorn. Garnet becomes the common option of birthstone for Capricorn but there are also some alternative options of birthstone for people with Capricorn zodiac. Lapis Lazuli, Blue Topaz, Turquoise, ruby, and onyx becomes other options of Capricorn birthstone. Capricorn has Saturn as ruling planet while earth becomes the ruling element for Capricorn.

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Signs of Zodiac and Birthstone

The zodiac will be used for calculating in astrological manner for providing the business affair, relationship, as well as personality guide. People with Capricorn zodiac sign is represented in the sky where the sun is placed during the birth time. People who were born between the 22nd of December and 20th of January. Because Saturn becomes the planet which is ruling people with Capricorn zodiac sign, the Capricorn birthstone must be Garnet since the Saturn is ruled over this gemstone.

The uniqueness can be found from Garnet after all. It is associated with its character, crystalline structure, color, as well as abilities. There will be good and bad influence which can be offered by this birthstone for people with Capricorn zodiac sign.

Characteristic and Personality of Capricorn

Capricorn is represented with goat sign and it is the tenth zodiac sign. It has earth as ruling element. In this circumstance, there will be association with practicality, stability, as well as sensation. When it is combined with other elements, earth will be dried by air element. It will be parched by fire element. It will be refreshed and nourished by the water element.

There are some positive personalities which can be found in Capricorn including stable, persistent, patient, ambitious, and trustworthy. Nevertheless, there are also some negative personalities of Capricorn including cold, conservative, materialistic, dull, as well as rigid.

Garnet as Capricorn Birthstone

Blue sapphire becomes the Capricorn birthstone. However, there are also some other gemstones which can be responded well by Capricorn zodiac sign including lapis lazuli, blue topaz, turquoise, ruby, and also onyx. There is kind of tradition for giving the jewelry from this birthstone for Capricorn since many years ago. There is kind of belief that wearing the jewelry from Garnet will be useful for focusing the planet Saturn energy and signing it through the gemstone.

Garnet Properties

There are some properties which can be found from Garnet as Capricorn birthstone. It is associated with the friendship, faithfulness, truth, and also purity. There are still other properties which can be found including insight, commitment, regeneration, awareness, as well as removing negativity.

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Garnet Healing Properties

Garnet as Capricorn birthstone has good reputation for healing some problems such as the problem associated to infection, lung, heart, and also blood. If people want to enhance their sexuality as well as sensuality, they can try to do this by using the support from garnet gemstone.

The gemstone can be given in various kinds of jewelry items from rings to necklaces for anyone. However, it is popular for baby, child, wife, mother, and also new grandmother.


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