Cobalt Wedding Bands Popularity Review

While it is still not as popular as the other material, but the popularity of cobalt wedding bands are on the rise, not only that this accessories looks absolutely stunning with its silvery shine, but it is also not as expensive as the platinum but more expensive than the titanium or tungsten.

While most people still consider getting tungsten or titanium for their rings; as expected because those two are the most popular choices, you should not overlook the capability of cobalt. Cobalt is an extremely strong material and has shine as beautiful as the white gold, and that is enough selling points for the material to be a success in the future.

Cobalt Blue Wedding Bands Cobalt Wedding Bands


Cobalt Wedding Bands Durability

Well, if you want to get wedding bands made from cobalt, then you must want to know just how durable this material is and how is it if we compare it with tungsten and titanium. When it comes to pure durability and strength, the cobalt is not as strong as tungsten but it beats titanium handily, in fact, tungsten is the only material that is more scratch resistant than cobalt when we count just the popular material for wedding bands today.

Cobalt Wedding Band Durability


Cobalt Chrome Wedding Bands

While it might not be as durable as the tungsten, the cobalt chrome beats the tungsten in the other department; the shine. The cobalt chrome has white reflective color that give you similar shine as the white gold while being a lot more durable than the white gold itself and in the end, less expensive. Other thing that makes the cobalt chrome ring good is that this material is also sizeable; unlike tungsten and titanium.

Cobalt Chrome Wedding Bands


Men’s Cobalt Wedding Rings

Of course, when we are talking about the cobalt wedding rings, it is mostly will be for the male part, fortunately, this material is perfect for men’s wedding ring especially if you can find a gemstone that can make use of the white shine of the cobalt chrome. As said before though, the cobalt chrome; as of now is priced above tungsten and titanium, but the ability to resize the cobalt ring to fit the finger is already a perfect plus.

Mens Cobalt Wedding Rings


Men’s Cobalt Wedding Rings with Diamonds

So, what is the best choice to be used in conjunction with the cobalt chrome as a wedding ring? There is only one perfect answer, and that is diamond. The combination of diamond and cobalt chrome is superb; it gives you more shine than most other combinations. Unfortunately, this combination is not something that you can get easily, for once; expensive cobalt chrome combined with the extreme price of diamond will kill your wallet fast.

Men’s Cobalt Wedding Rings with Diamonds


Cobalt Wedding Rings Pros and Cons

So in the end, is it really worth it to use cobalt chrome as the main material for your wedding ring? Well the answer is simple; it’s yea all the way. With its superb durability and the ability to resize, the cobalt chrome rings are already better choice than the tungsten and titanium, and while both of these materials can be gotten its cheaper price, the cobalt chrome have them beat in terms of visual. Although in the end, you still need to consider your financial condition before you decide and do not forget it also depends on what gemstone you want on your wedding ring.

Cobalt Wedding Rings Pros and Cons


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