Cool Bracelets for Guys to Get You Cooler

Most guys think that it is impossible to find cool bracelets for guys. A lot of people think that a man should wear only a watch as his jewelry. Yes, a watch is cool and can be so elegant, but bracelet can be even cooler.

To find the cool jewelry, we should pay attention to several things. First, the basic rule for men: do not ever ever ever over do the bracelet. Before thinking about the second and third considerations about the design and material, you should always go back to the basic rules. The minimalist and simple jewelry are the signature of men’s jewelry.

Then, you should also pay attention on the design. There are elegant, cool, and bad-boy styles that are commonly chosen. The selection of material also has a great point, for example you can choose a guitar string bracelet to get you unique and cool jewelry. The following bracelets can be great choices:


Guitar string bracelet for rock n’ roll style

For you who love playing guitar, you must have used guitar string. You can make the string into a great bracelet. Guitar string in general has two tone colors, the silver and the gold colors. You can choose the silver or the golden string. You can even combine two tones for one guitar string bracelet. All you need to do is just to twist two strings and cut it as long as the circle of your wrist.

For the final touch up, you just need to lock the edges of the bracelet and your bracelet is done. The simple look would get you a rock n’ roll style.

Guitar String Bracelet Guitar String Bracelet Gallery


Monsieur Bonjangles Paracord Bracelet

For you who want more colors, you can consider the rope bracelet. One of the most recommended rope bracelet is the Monsieur Bonjangles Paracord Bracelet. Rope bracelet was so popular several years ago. But, Monsieur Bonjangles Paracord remake the old style in more modern and in fashion style. They offers you unique color combination and pattern that would completely go with your R n’ B style.

The most wanted product is the Netherlands-based Monsieur Bojangles with military rots. It comes with typical rope pattern in blue, white, and red colors and military roots at the edge of the bracelet. Indeed, it can be your favorite bracelet to hang out in the weekend.

Monsieur Bonjangles Paracord Bracelet Monsieur Bonjangles Paracord Bracelet Images


Maritime Supply Co. Captain’s Link Bracelet

This is for you who love classic and cool style. The Maritime Supply Co. Captain’s Link Bracelet comes with nautical inspiration with unique hook to lock the bracelet to your wrist. With natural leather in natural brown color, the bracelet looks classy but cool at the same time.

It is a perfect jewelry to be worn with your elegant but cool shirt. People would be impressed to the “Duncan loop” that lock your maritime bracelet.

Maritime Supply Co. Captain's Link Bracelet Images Maritime Supply Co. Captain's Link Bracelet Pictures


Corter Leather Rig & Hook Bracelet

If you like to wear a super personal touch to your jewelry, the Corter Leather Rig & Hook Bracelet should be your choice. This bracelet is designed based on the Cape Corter single piece of leather. The bracelet comes with simple design. The simple look with simple hook. The light color of the leather looks simple but details with the twisted designs would be perfect with your stylist fashion.

Corter Leather Rig & Hook Bracelet Pictures Corter Leather Rig & Hook Bracelet Images


Tanner Goods Single Wristband

This is for you who like to add a little bit more of signature such as writing your name or initials to your jewelry. You should consider the Tanner Goods Single Wristband. This bracelet is crafted in Portland, Oregon that has been well known for its leather goods, including their leather bracelet. You can ask them to crafted anything to the bracelet. For some people the single wristband design looks much more manly than the other man bracelet design.

Tanner Goods Single Wristband Images Tanner Goods Single Wristband Pictures

The bottom line is that men can wear more than just a watch as their jewelry. The key to make sure that you choose the right bracelet, you have to choose the bracelet that suits your personality. Consider the material, design, and the style of the bracelet. At last, your cool bracelets for guys would be much cooler when you choose the right bracelet that suits your fashion, styles, and of course, the occasion you are coming to.


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