Cool Mens Bracelets Trends and Fashion Hacks

The cool mens bracelets have always been part of the world fashion discussion. Back in 80’s bracelets were the most common jewelry worn by men in southern European. In that era, gold bracelets were even so in fashioned. But, the taste of man fashion has been changing through time.

Today, man fashion comes with much simpler jewelry. Most men are even not used to wear any bracelet. They prefer just a watch for a simple and elegant look. However, it does not mean that bracelet cannot be in fashion. Even today, you can still find cool bracelet for guys as part of the popular fashion items.

If you are fond of bracelets, you should know more about mens bracelet trends. Through the evolution of men’s bracelet, we can find the perfect match to your fashion. Up to this day, men’s bracelet is still part of great men’s fashion. You should know more about some fashion hacks with bracelets.


Men’s bracelet trends

The trend of wearing bracelets among men has been evolving through time. In the past, gold bracelets were the coolest men’s fashion item. It was mens bracelet trends back in the year of 80’s. When watch became an in fashioned jewelry, the gold bracelet seems to be less cooler. People tend to choose simpler fashion item and thought that a gold bracelet was indeed too much.

Replacing the gold bracelet, leather man bracelet that carry particular symbol became important for men’s fashion. The leather bracelet comes with more manly design to define masculinity. In some area, leather bracelet also comes with a little metal accessories such as button, ring, and hook that are also functioned as the lock. Through time, people travel a lot and make the leather bracelet improve with more details such as anchor-shaped accessories or oceanic design that first introduced by the pirates.

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It becomes cooler

With the changing of masculinity value, more and more men want to look cooler and fashionable instead of just look macho and manly, especially teenagers. The men’s bracelets then come with more various designs and materials. If we pay attention, music world and culture also affects the trend of man bracelet so more cool mens bracelets were introduced.

Some bracelet styles that makes particular looks such as rock n’ roll or R & B style, and cool style comes with numerous designs and materials such as leather, metal, and even rope with more color and pattern.

Bracelet For Mens Jewelry


A little touch of woven

Are coming out tonight? Well, you may have to consider woven fabric mens bracelets. Woven fabric has more colors. It can be a great deal to hangout in some occasion where you are wearing casual shirt and jeans. It can also be a great party attire in some cases.

People say it is typical “Friday night” jewelry. It is the coolest men’s bracelet for casual styles. But, you have to pay attention on the color choice wisely so the bracelet would be a perfect match for your fashion.

Woven Fabric Mens Bracelets


Bracelet with beads

Recently, beaded men’s bracelets have been the most popular bracelet in men’s fashion. The bead bracelets are also more flexible and fit to more styles. Some men even wear beaded bracelet on their wrist when they are wearing suits. There are several kind of beads that are commonly used to make men’s bracelets such as lava rock, onyx, wood, and various kind of stones.

The price of the bracelets really depends on the type beads. In general, beaded bracelets built with beads with similar size to pea size. Some beaded bracelets are even designed to reflect particular symbol, such as Buddhist symbols or other kind of symbols, especially when it is made of wood beads.

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Metal bracelets for a bad-ass look

For you who want to create special impression such as to create bad-ass and cool bad boy look. You should consider metal mens bracelets. Metal has been so popular after leather becomes popular. At first, metal usually comes as accessories to leather bracelet. But then, a lot of fashion designers introduce metal bracelet for more bad boy look.

Metal Mens Bracelets Ideas

In short, bracelets have been part of men’s fashion since a long time ago. The designs, materials, and the values have been evolving through time. Of course, you can still consider wearing cool mens bracelets to improve your look. You just to choose the right style that fits your fashion and personality.


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