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If you want to gift your loved one and you are confused on what to buy then we suggest you to take a look at natural alexandrite rings. Not only that rings with alexandrite stone looks gorgeous; they are one of the best looking precious gemstone, it also has a noble history behind the name. The name Alexandrite comes from the Russian Tsar, this gem was first found when the Tsar visited the area thus the gemstone was named after the Tsar. But never mind the history, just how good this type of accessory really is? Well, if you are curious about alexandrite accessories, then read on.

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Real Alexandrite Rings for Sale

Alexandrite has a distinctive two of more colors in it so while the color is unique; it is a rare gemstone to be found. You will be able to find rings made by pure alexandrite on many stores, but the prices are quite expensive even though those stores have different price tags to each other. Alexandrite rings are for long regarded as one of the best accessories due to its color changing effect when exposed to different levels of light.

Natural Alexandrite Rings Stone


Natural Alexandrite Rings Stone

What unique about the Alexandrite stone is that depending on what country the alexandrite stone is from, it will have different color scheme. The first and original alexandrite is mined from Russia, then people fund out that Brazil also have a lot of stock for this kind gemstone. Nowadays you will be able to find natural alexandrite rings with stone coming from Sri Lanka, Tanzania, India, Burma, Madagascar and Zimbabwe; and each of them have different color scheme to each other.

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Natural Alexandrite Rings Gemstone

As said earlier, the natural alexandrite gemstone has different colors in it; the original Russian alexandrite gemstone is still said to have the best color scheme, and other unique aspect of this gemstone is that the color scheme changed after exposed to light. This is due to a rare geological occurrence that happens millions of years ago and because of that, the stock of alexandrite gemstone is very scarce, that also increase the price tag of this gemstone.

Natural Alexandrite Rings Gemstone


Natural Alexandrite Rings White Gold

With that unique color feature, one must be wondering, what type of metal should I get my alexandrite gemstone ring with? Well, if you want to be safe, you can choose white gold to accompany your rare alexandrite gemstone, the pure white gold color will make your alexandrite color changing ability looks even more distinctive. Remember though, although this combination can be found easily, the price tag will be pretty hefty so be prepare first beforehand.

Natural Alexandrite Rings White Gold Ideas


Natural Alexandrite Stone for Sale

If you want just the gemstone and to take some time for consideration on what type of metal to use then you can just get the alexandrite stone alone. A good quality alexandrite stone can cost you thousands of dollars, but if you want a gemstone with superb colors then you might need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get it. In the end, though, it’s all depends on what purpose you want to buy the alexandrite gemstone and ring is for; if you want it to be your engagement rings for example then go with the expensive one, if it’s just for a gift and you have money to space, the god quality one is good.

Natural Alexandrite Rings Gemstone Ideas


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