Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond; Which is Better?

When you are about to go buy a ring made with pure gemstone then you must ask yourself which one is the best; one with diamond or just cubic zirconia is enough? In many cases, the cubic zirconia vs diamond arguments are often heard, but there is no official answer for this one argument.

If you do not know what the cubic zirconia is then it is a type of gemstone that looks almost exactly like a diamond such as the color, the scheme and the shine are almost the same. That is also the reason why the cubic zirconia is often used as the substitute for diamond.

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How to Tell Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond

Unfortunately, because the cubic zirconia is made to look like a diamond, it is pretty much impossible to differentiate these two gemstones with a naked eye. You will need the help of electronic device to tell which one is a pure diamond and which one isn’t. But if you are lucky, you might be able to find scratches on the stone which means that it’s a cubic zirconia stone; the diamond is way harder and will not scratch easily as the cubic zirconia.

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Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond Side by Side

That is pretty much tells you that the cubic zirconia is the real deal, this is a gemstone that is a perfect substitute for diamond. They look the same from people view; even expert will have hard time finding out which one is the diamond and which one is the cubic zirconia. Although it must be said that almost all of cubic zirconia stones are transparent; they have no color whatsoever and for diamond; while pure it still have some trace of other colors.

Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond Side by Side


Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond Size

Of course, if you are planning to give someone else a ring with big gemstone on top of it, it is recommended to just use cubic zirconia, why? It is simple; the cubic zirconia priced way less than diamond. You will need to spend tons of money for a big size diamond, but you will be able to get big size cubic zirconia with cheap, as cubic zirconia looks as beautiful as a diamond, there is no reason not to get this one if you do not have a lot of money to spend.

Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond Size


Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond Hardness

As said earlier, one of the methods to find out which one is diamond and which one is cubic zirconia is by looking for scratches. Diamond is known to be one of the hardest materials on earth and while cubic zirconia is also very hard, it is not as hard as a diamond. The hardness level of the cubic zirconia is one or two levels below diamond so while its hard, it can still be scratched by hard object.



Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond Engagement Rings

While the cubic zirconia is just a substitute for diamond, you can still use it for special accessories like your engagement ring. It might not be as precious as diamond, but it is priced way lower. So while your gemstone is not diamond, you can still find beautiful ring to go with the gemstone and it will not be as pricey as buying standard ring to go with a smaller diamond stone. Of course all of this depends on many factors in which you should consider your money and the feeling of the other party, it is still better to go with diamond for a special occasion like this.

Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond Engagement Rings


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