Cubic Zirconia VS Diamonds, Which One is the Winner?

You need to know that cubic zirconia and diamond is two different types of stone. So, information about cubic zirconia vs diamonds is very important especially if you have a plan to buy jewelry for wedding or anniversary. It hopes that later, you can find inexpensive jewelry with diamond or cubic zirconia but you really love it.

Actually, there are several criteria you can use to determine the result of cubic zirconia vs diamonds. Those criteria are including the hardness, density, dispersion, refractive index, flawless, and the cost. This is also related to the fact, that some people especially people who are the first buyer tend not know about whether it is cubic zirconia or diamonds. Sometimes, they only know that the design is beautiful and the price is inexpensive.

In fact, the quality of two stones above is different. Before its too late or buying jewelry for your special need, it is better to learn more about cubic zirconia vs diamonds. Hopefully, it helps you to choose the best jewelry and stone based on your need and your money. Let’s start the discussion with the explanation of the different criteria between cubic zirconia and diamonds to make it easy to understand.


The Criteria of Cubic Zirconia vs Diamonds

One of the criteria is about the hardness of the two stones. So, cubic zirconia vs diamonds, which one is the hardest? The answer is that cubic zirconia is not as hard as diamond. In specific, the hardness level of cubic zirconia is around 8.5 whereas diamond is around 10.0. Moreover, cubic zirconia is easily scratched due to the time. It is because this stone is easy to absorb oil than diamond. If you want to find easy to care jewelry, it means jewelry with diamond is the answer but not jewelry with cubic zirconia.

Talking about cubic zirconia vs diamonds, it is also talking about the density of these two stones. Cubic zirconia is heavier than diamonds. It can be seen clearly if cubic zirconia is used in a ring. It is also about the light which can pass the stones. Actually, cubic zirconia is more sparkle because it has higher dispersion level. On the other hand, diamond has higher refraction index so this stone is easy to capture light than cubic zirconia. If it is about flawless, the winner will be cubic zirconia. The flawless level of the stone is only seen by using specific tool and not by naked eyes.




The Price of Cubic Zirconia vs Diamonds

So, which one of the cubic zirconia vs diamonds will be more affordable? If you see the different above cubic zirconia is more affordable compared with diamond. You can compare between a one carat cubic zirconia and diamond. In the market, a one carat hand cut cubic zirconia costs around $20. On the other hand, a one carat diamond can cost up to $1.500. The more carat of each stones the price will be increased and you can really feel the different cost cubic zirconia vs diamonds. It is also the same if it is colored stone.

You can buy a yellow cubic zirconia only for about $20 whereas if you buy a yellow diamond, you should pay up to $11.000. Because of that, if you really want have an affordable ring, you should go with a ring with cubic zirconia. The best part of using a ring with cubic zirconia is not only about the low cost but also about the appearance of the ring itself. It is the solution for you who want to find a beautiful wedding ring with reasonable price. In the end, the result between cubic zirconia vs diamonds in the term of affordable cost, the cubic zirconia will be the winner.




The Overview of Cubic Zirconia

If you think that cubic zirconia vs diamonds above is not enough for you, you can also learn a little bit about cubic zirconia. At glance, cubic zirconia is similar to diamond. The main different is on the process. Actually, cubic zirconia is man made or synthetized crystal. Because of that, this type of stone is colorless and flawless just like explained above. In fact, the first existence of cubic zirconia is to give an alternative of affordable diamond. If you compare the price, diamond is really expensive than cubic zirconia. The material known as powdered zirconium is melted by using specific heat temperature.

The most important thing to note that cubic zirconia is not a diamond although the design is similar and it is offered as the alternative of affordable diamond. If you want to know the detail different, you have to use specific tool instead of using naked eyes. This is also the reason why people tend to discuss about cubic zirconia vs diamonds. If you have these stones and you don’t know the different, you can just bring it to the expert. Let the expert helps you to decide which one is diamond and which one is cubic zirconia.




The Natural Elements between Cubic Zirconia vs Diamonds

The last thing to know related to cubic zirconia vs diamonds is about how to make these two stones. Because cubic zirconia is a hand made, it means it is made in the lab. Then, they prepare the materials and start the process. The process is including putting the material in specific heat up to 4.9820F. On the other hand, diamond is not a hand made. It is naturally creation from specific substance. If you ask about the natural element between cubic zirconia vs diamonds, it means diamond will be the natural stone than cubic zirconia. This is including the color appears in the stone.




The color of diamond appears naturally based on the condition of the location. On the other hand, the color of cubic zirconia can be maintained. The creators just need to use different oxides in the heating process. Different oxides used will create different color in cubic zirconia. Hopefully, after learning from this information you know how to decide the best stone for your need. Later, you can also know the different of cubic zirconia vs diamonds based on the general characteristics. Definitely, the choice is yours! Just make sure that it is really what you need.


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