Cutest Rainbow Loom Patterns You Can Try

Rainbow looms are on the rage these days and they are commonly so identical with little girls as well as teen girls. No wonder, making rainbow looms can be really fun and add up creativity of the maker. These are several cute rainbow loom patterns ideas worth trying. Most important thing on making rainbow looms is style up your favorite shape after picking the colors based on your preference. There are so many free tutorials online that can teach you about making many pattern choices of rainbow looms as well as accessories kinds. Turn the rainbow rubbers into bracelet, choker, charm, and even ring. As long as you are creative enough, everything can be made so easily.

At this moment, we will give more explanation about making patterns without loom, patterns fishtail, and lastly but not least patterns with beads. The brief instruction may help you get the needed materials and tools then tell you outline of making it. It is okay when the result does not come off as expectation at first, your dedication and consistency will someday make the perfect result. Yes, we can easily learn the patience term by making a bunch of products from simple rainbow looms. Check these particular patterns out.

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Rainbow Loom Patterns Easy


Rainbow Loom Patterns Without Loom

When making the patterns without loom, get needed important materials such as colorful rubber bands. Find the colorful bands easily at supermarket near your residence. Make sure you own the hook as well, it is usually included in the package.

Last but not least, make sure you have got the clasp. First of all, fold one band into half then slide the clasp into fore-mentioned band. After that, hang some bands in the hook and pull the first one into second one. Keep doing this until you reach the desired length. When you have got the desired length, simply pull it down then slide both ends into the clasp.

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Rainbow Loom Patterns Fishtail

One of several advantage of using the patterns fishtail of rainbow loom is the thickness is better than no loom one. This way, you will get stronger bracelet and the longevity is better as well. To make this one, make sure you have colorful rubber bands and categorize it into different colors first for easier picking. You will need the loom hook collections as well.

Put the first band into infinite symbol at first two hooks. After that, put 2 other band on top of it but other than first one, make them non crossed. Then pick the lower band and put the middle side on top of everything. Put the other band on top gain but not twisted. Repeat process until you get the desired length.
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Rainbow Loom Patterns with Beads

Adding some beads into your rainbow looms can make them look less boring and the strength will be better. As usual, first of all, make sure that you have all needed materials such as colorful rubber bands, clio, several beads, rainbow loom, and the hook. Put first 3 bands on loom just like making the normal fishtail bracelet.

After that, take out the bottom band and add another one to the top. Repeat this step to get desired thickness. Then, take out one band and put one bead ouside of it afterward. Place that designed band into loom. Repeat this step until you get desired length. Voila, your beloved rainbow loom patterns are done!

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