December Birthstone Color for a Sign of Loyalty

There are three birthstones for December i.e., Turquoise, Zircon, and Tanzanite. December birthstone color is blue. There is a region in East Africa called Tanzania. The stone was first discovered in Tanzania. Zircon is derived from the Arabic word meaning zar and weapons are gold and colors. Turkey stone turquoise color means. This is a title in French because it was found in Turkey.

December has the stones bright blue. Tanzanite can be found in various variations of blue and purple. Stone is in the process of heat treatment to bring out the natural color of the stone. Tanzanite stone is the most expensive stone and stone is usually blue-violet. Zircon stone has a wide range of colors. These stones cannot have any color and colored like a rainbow. This stone has a higher demand than the other colors and this stone to stone most often experience heat treatment to bring up the blue tones. Turquoise can be found in blue-green color and is found in a beautiful blue sky color.

Tanzanite is found in Tanzania in 1960. Tiffany and Co are the company who sold the stone to the market. This stone was found in 2000 years ago. Bluestone is very beautiful. Zircon is a mineral that is formed naturally by zirconium silicate. This stone can be used to imitate diamond is colorless. This stone is found in green, orange, yellow, blue, and red. Turquoise is found in Egypt, Sinai, Iran, and the United States. This stone was first used by the ancient Egyptians and the stone has been recognized as a national gem by the Tibetans. This stone has been around since the thirteenth century.

Tanzanite most found on Mount Kilimanjaro in 2005. This is the highest mountain in Africa. The stone has a weight of 6.6 pounds and 16 839 carats. This stone shape like a brick. Zircon is the largest stone that is found in Southeast Asia. Currently, the stone is kept by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. This stone has 118.1 carats. The turquoise was found in Shandong Tiyanu Museum of Natural History. This stone has a weight of 496 pounds with a width of 10 inches, a height of 3 feet 6 inches, and a length of 3 feet 5 inches.




All the stones have healing powers. Tanzanite can lower high blood pressure and relieve stress. This stone is able to reduce anxiety, worry, fear, and depression. This stone is also believed to increase fertility. Zircon is able to heal the liver, gall bladder, allergies, asthma, and restore common sense. Turquoise can reduce mental tension so that your mind becomes relaxed. Native American Turquoise lay on the tombstone to protect the corpse. Tanzanite has 6.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This stone has an orthorhombic crystal structure. Stone is able to emit different colors at different angles. Zircon has a color ranging from transparent to opaque. This stone has a 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Turquoise stones having from 5 to 6 on the Mohs Scale and colored like the gleam of candles.

The Importance of December Birthstone Color

The birth color associated with the value and the rarity of a gemstone. You should consider this color when buying jewelry.

Important Fact about December Birthstone Color

A gem for December is Turquoise blue. It’s the zodiac Sagittarius born on November 23 until December 21. This stone has natural colors such as yellow-green, green, and blue. The blue color appears because it has the element Boron.

Symbolism of December Birthstone Color

Turquoise has a special meaning. This meaning is related to the history and the Bible. The blue color is believed to have mystical power and dissipates the energy of the planet. In the Bible, the blue color symbolizes the spiritual gifts because the Virgin Mary is depicted dressed in blue clothing.


turquoise-mala-bracelet turquoise-jewelry-sterling-silver sterling-silver-turquoise-ring


Saturation, Tone, and Hue of December Birthstone Color

Birthstones have three color components. Hue is the first sign of the blue. Tone views from bright to dark colors. Saturation is the intensity of the color of life, strong, and dull.

Insurance of December Birthstone Color

Use the special insurance for the gemstone to protect your jewelry.


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