DIY Earring Holder You Can Make Easily

Guess what, choosing the right earrings holder which can organize your makeup table take so much time which will frustrate you. Especially when those earrings holder needs to be fit with your makeup table size. Do not sweat yourself looking for the wrong ones, instead, make DIY earring holder which does not cost so much. You can use almost every unused materials or stuffs found in your house.

The key of having coolest earring holder is splash up some creativity. There are so many alternatives to get your earrings well organized like hanging your collection or showing them from an opaque display. Whatever you choose, make sure that you choose the suitable and your the most preferred one.

Some materials required when making the earring holder are strong hooks, wooden board (commonly), carpentry tools, scissor, hammer, and glue. Of course the materials still depend on how you are planning the shape of earring holder. To make choosing the earrings way easier every single morning, use separating technique to differentiate categories between casual earrings and formal ones. You may as well divide earrings due to its color or even size. As long as we are consistent enough, it will not be a big problem at all.

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DIY Earring Holder Frame

Rather than throwing away your unused favorite piece of frame, turn them into the eye catching earring holder. Modify the frame first, you can repaint or re-polish it, sticking some plastic materials, or even unleash your painting skill by painting the frame with your masterpiece.

Use the provided background to apply hooks or you may use the other materials like wooden woods, cardboard,and even net. Put the earring near its pair so it will not look so scattered and puzzle the user. After selecting the right background, apply the hooks and you can finally hang ypur earring collection. All in all, it is so easy to do.

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DIY Earring Holder Box

Making the earring holder from a well designed box is so simple as well. Use the wooden or cardboard box with design and pattern you personally prefer. Make sure that the inside is clean and your fingers can fit in it nicely. To make the box look more irresistible, cover it with rainbow thread, buttons, tattoos, and so on. You may even paint the surface by yourself.

Make separators inside the box to divide your earrings collection well, they can be made by simple cardboard or some cut down plastic. Since the earrings tend to keep tang;ling each other, put a soft chiffon inside to make the earrings stay in place.

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DIY Earring Holder Burlap

As some of you may have not been very familiar with burlap, easily stating, burlap is a fabric that was made from sisal fibers. Its texture is a bit rough but has the ability to keep some pins stay in place. That is the reason why making the earring holder from burlap can be really helping, the burlap can be found in some craft stores.

Commonly to make the burlap look better, you may use some nice colored frames and put burlap as the background. After that, the earrings can finial be hung in the burlap. Well, just try these DIY earring holder ideas in your spare time.

Best DIY Earring Holder Burlap Cool DIY Earring Holder Burlap Design Cute DIY Earring Holder Burlap Photos DIY Earring Holder Burlap Ideas


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