DIY Jewelry Box Ideas for Organizing Your Makeup Table

Looking at how messy your jewelries are can be so frustrating. That is one of some main reasons we made this article about the DIY jewelry box ideas. By using the jewelry box, you may have more efficient space, less time to search for proper jewelry, and less stress from untangling the tangled ones. Actually stating, making the jewelry box is not difficult at all. All you need are a little carpentry skill and some suitable materials like solid wood boards, cardboard’s, etc. Designing these boxes can be really pleasing as well since it releases stress and does not take too much time. Get everything done with your creativity in drawing, painting, or making some additional components.

Things to keep in mind while making the jewelry box are make the design that will meet your preference and make sure that it will suit your bedroom ambiance occasionally. Think out of the box as well to make the most unique design. To get a romantic feeling, stick the artificial roses on whole surface of a cardboard then divide the inside of box into several small spaces. This way, you will organize different kinds of jewelries way more easily. Try imitation other stuff shape that has different function like jukebox when frankly it is just jewelry box.


Best DIY Jewelry Box Ideas Best-DIY-Jewelry-Box. Cool DIY Jewelry Organizer Cork board Designs Cute DIY Jewelry Organizer Cork board Ideas


DIY Jewelry Organizer Wall

Got a little space of empty wall in your bedroom as well as messy jewelries? Make the use of that for-mentioned space into jewelry organizer wall. You can use the clothes hanger made from solid woods that are sold in markets then simply hang your whole collection of jewelries.

If you happen to have an unused frame, fill the hollow side with burlap or Styrofoam to be made into an area to hang the earrings. The rusty and unused pallet can surprisingly turn into cool DIY jewelry box if you consider to re-polish it, hang it on the wall, then hammer some nails to hang the jewelries.

Cool DIY Jewelry Organizer Wall Designs Cool DIY Jewelry Organizer Wall Cool DIY Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer


DIY Jewelry Organizer from Framed Mirror

Do not throw away your unused mirror with frame as it can be magically turned into well made DIY jewelry box. First of all, remove the mirror from the frame carefully. This way you will gain the ready to be designed frame. After that, build the shadow box needed.

As some of you might be unfamiliar with this term, shadow box means the box in outer part that will assists in storing the jewelries. Make shadow box slightly bigger from the jewelry frame you are planning to make. Make inside ledge part afterward so your jewelries will have enough space away from the decorative metal and do not flush directly with the wall.


Cute DIY Jewelry Organizer from Framed Mirror Designs Cute DIY Jewelry Organizer from Framed Mirror Ideas Cute DIY Jewelry Organizer from Framed Mirror Pictures


DIY Jewelry Box Wood

With right measurement and dimension, making jewelry box wood is not that frustrating and only requires some little carpentry skill. You can make the mirror available inside jewelry box so it will be easier to touch up and check for appearance. Give some separators inside so it will be much convenient to divide jewelries into different categories.

For more efficient space, make the use of little drawer or you may just make the jewelry box have some level. Try making the unique shape such as dressing table up shape, wardrobe shape, etc. If you do not like the color of original material, simply polish it with wood paint and varnish. This one is most common DIY jewelry box type.

Cool DIY Wooden Jewelry Box Cute DIY Jewelry Box Wood Ideas DIY Jewelry Box Wood Designs


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