DIY Jewelry Holder Simple-yet-Pretty Ideas

DIY jewelry holder is the best way for you to keep your jewelry collection to be more organized. There is a bunch of ideas that you can even try to make yourself in order to put the jewelry on the right place that you can easily access without having to make it cluttered. One of the best examples is by making layer dishes stand that will be able to be the storage place for your jewelry in a chic way. It is easy because you can have the materials by buying from some thrift stores. Basically, you only need glue patterned plates to candle stick holders.

Alternatively, you may have a petite magnetic bowl as the best holder that you can simply buy at the local hardware store. Another idea that you can consider is by using scrapbook paper to cover a piece of wood and you may continue with photos added to be more creative. The hooks can be attached to the bottom in order to handle your necklaces. With this idea, you won’t only have your jewelry held well, but there are some photos of happy memories that you can see anytime you may take one of your jewelry; it is a sweet one you may go for.

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DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Holder

It is a nice thing that you can have painted burlap or you can also call this as frame painted pieces of burlap. They can simply be used as art pieces that you transform into jewelry holders. It is alright if you think that a chicken wire is good to be a holder for your jewelry.

A chicken wire web will definitely help you organizing your accessories and jewelry prettily. A few nails will be required here so that hanging all of your earrings and necklaces can be simpler, even when you have to access it.

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DIY Jewelry Holder Cork Board

Another way that is brilliant is using a cork board as a jewelry holder. The first ever thing you need to prepare is definitely a cork board and make sure the empty tape rolls are attached to this. It is that easy and you now have flashy round jewelry holder that is cool and cute at the same time.

Cork board is actually cheap so it may be helpful if you may get four packs and prepare wall adhesives around 3 meters. This will help to hold your jewelry; whether you want it to be high or not, it depends on your need.

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DIY Tree Jewelry Holder

Rather than making a tree, you can call it a branch jewelry holder instead. This is actually a nature-inspired holder that you can creatively make so that it looks prettier. Coming with several twigs, a vase, and silver spray paint will make your jewelry holder look more beautiful and great.

This is a super easy way, even you may choose to use a funky old vase and the necklaces can be hung neatly in every branch. This DIY jewelry holder is much better than letting your jewelry put everywhere and finally you have to lose some just because you forgot where you put them.

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