DIY Necklace Holder Ideas You Can Try To Make

The DIY necklace holder ideas are needed to make your necklace collection well organized and you will require less time picking the wanted necklace before going out. You can use up almost every material and event unique shaped ones, for example you can have the antler to hang the collection or simply stick everything to the burlap.

To make your bedroom look more quirky, pick the unusual shape and concept then choose the color that suits your overall bedroom main color well. Getting the unused material can cost you very little, such as cork board, rusty door knob, stuck hooks on the wall, unused frame, wire, polished branch, embroidery ring, mini polished tree, shadow box, ladder, and so on. Why buy the expensive new one when you can obtain the much cheaper one with a little splash of creativity?

It is not a sin to have several necklace holders to divide your collection into categories, for example formal ones and casual ones. This will make your dressing up time way more efficient and no worries of tangling one necklace with the other one. Make sure that the material is strong enough to retain the necklace collection weight. Making the flexible shaped one will do good as well since you can hang the things other than necklace in it, such as watches and bracelet. Well, ready to see your much more neater room? Try these ideas using the frame, knobs, and hanger.

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DIY Necklace Holder Frame

When you have an unused frame in house, simply turn it into a necklace holder. There are several alternatives you may try, the first one is mounting some hooks in the frame parallel to each other. Hang the necklace in these hooks and they will hardly tangle to each other. The second alternative to be tried is sticking the burlap or soft board inside frame then mount the nails to the fore mentioned board. After that, you are free to hang the necklace collection. Most important tip on actualizing this idea is, make sure that the hooks are strong enough for retaining necklace weight.

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DIY Necklace Holder with Knobs

Yes, the good news is you can modify the unused knobs into necklace holder. Collect the door knobs first and pick the colors that you really prefer. After that, get a wood board in desired length and color then make some hollows which will fit the smaller end of door knobs. Mount the knobs afterward and make sure that they fit perfectly to the hollows (strong enough).

Then, add the rather thick rope upside to hang your necklace holder on the wall.Finally you can hang necklace collection in the door knobs. Wood board selection plays an important role here, choose the rusty wood one to get bohemian look but choose the metal one to have a minimalist ambiance.

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DIY Necklace Holder Hanger

Making the necklace holder hanger is a really simple way to keep your necklaces organized. You can get the unused hanger from flea market, re-polish it, then get necklaces hung by the hooks. If you plan to make the brand new one, get a small board made by solid wood, set the hooks on wood board, and it is finally done.

Pick the holder hanger color and theme which suit your bedroom well. It is not a sin to have more than one hangers as your necklaces will be categorized much easier, any more excuses to not make this DIY necklace holder idea?

Best DIY Necklace Holder Hanger Ideas Cool DIY Necklace Holder Hanger Designs Cute DIY Necklace Holder Hanger Photos DIY Necklace Holder Hanger


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