Do You Know about Natural Alexandrite Engagement Ring for Us?

For those who are looking for the best idea of which the best engagement is, the natural alexandrite engagement ring can become one of the best option. This engagement ring with the rare gemstone will become a great symbol of love that is only given to your very special girl in the world.

Natural alexandrite is commonly searched as a gift or engagement ring for a girl that was born in the month of June. However, it can be chosen by anyone that needs engagement rings with rare gemstones on it. Yes, alexandrite rings are gemstone rings that can be chosen for any reasons and occasions. Besides well-known as the birthstone of those who were born in June, it also commonly chosen as the gemstone of 55th wedding anniversary.

If you are going to choose alexandrite rings as wedding bands, engagement rings or promise rings, then it is also a great idea.


What is an Alexandrite Stone?

To know what is an Alexandrite Stone, it is actually a type of chrysoberyl mineral that is phenomenal and rare. It is associated with the transparent, yellowish, and chatoyant chrysoberyl. There are some kinds of minerals that form Alexandrite such as beryllium, aluminum, titanium, iron and also chromium.

The combination of the chemicals is the reason of Alexandrite rarity, natural color changes and also the phenomenality. The color of the gemstone will change when the aluminum is replaced by the chromium oxide. That is why this gem is very phenomenal and rare.

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Alexandrite Mythology and Healing

Alexandrite ring is also the option of ring if you want to get healing benefits. The alexandrite mythology and healing can be learned below. This gemstone is always related to the self-control, concentration and discipline. Many people believe the capability of the gemstone to make the wearer having deeper and better concentration so they can have better ability to learn anything.

Besides, alexandrite is also well-known for the capability to improve someone’s self-confidence, creativity, and peace of mind. Even it is also believed as the stone that brings good luck, wealth, fortune, love and vibes. Alexandrite is also commonly used for crown chakra treatments.

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Alexandrite Ring Proper Care

To improve the durability, you should know about the alexandrite ring proper care and then practice it. Clean alexandrite ring by using some lukewarm water and add a little mild soap inside. You can use soft brush to clean deeper but don’t use any harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. Rinse the ring completely with flowing water and make sure you leave no residue. Then dry out the ring with a soft cloth. It doesn’t matter to clean the ring with ultrasonic cleaners as long as you pay attention to the precautions.

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It is also important to remove the ring before doing some household works. Besides, you also should prevent moving the gemstone of the ring or even touching it, because it will weaken the prongs and loss. Lastly, wrap the ring with soft cloth before storing in order to keep other jewelry from its scratches. Therefore, you can make the natural alexandrite engagement rings more durable and always shine with the natural beauty for the perfect care and storing.


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