Do you know Turquoise Stone Meaning for us?

Turquoise is one of the most common stones used as jewelry. It belongs to the most ancient gemstones that are used as amulets, jewelry, statues, adornments, trinkets, etc. since earlier than 5000 BC. The turquoise stone meaning is the main reason of why the greenish blue mineral rock is consistently used through the time.

Many people believe and proves that the turquoise gemstone can bring significant balance to the wearer. It has become the wisdom and truth in many social life. The gemstone is widely used to get improved beauty and support the advantages of meditation and improving chakra. Besides, turquoise also can give healing benefits for your body and mind.

Find out more about the turquoise history below and how this gemstone can help improving your health both physically and mind. Knowing more about this gemstone may increase your willingness to use it daily so you can have a better life balance.


Turquoise History

The name Turquoise comes from French language that means Turkish stone. Originally, the copper hydrous phosphate and aluminum rocks were mined in Asia and then transported to Europe. For many ethnic groups, turquoise is sacred and means power, luck and also protection. Nowadays, turquoise rocks are mined in many countries including Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Israel, Tanzania, etc. Better turquoise is produced in countries with dry climates.

The turquoise history told that the gemstone has been valuable more than 7,000 years. The oldest turquoise was found in the form of beads in Iraq made in 5000 BC. And other tribes such as Egyptians, Aztecs, and native Americans also have been used this gemstone since thousands of years BC.

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Turquoise Meaning

Turquoise meaning is luck, power, protection, wisdom and also immortality. It has different meaning in everyone who wears it. Like the prehistoric Native Americans that believed turquoise as the sky god alive in earth because of the greenish blue color.

Whilst the Turkish soldiers used the gemstone as amulets to their horses so they could have sure foot and protected them from falling. In modern life, the using of turquoise has similar meaning to protect the wearer while traveling so they are guarded from theft, loss, attacks and falls.

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Turquoise Healing

It is also interesting that turquoise healing energy is another advantage for this gemstone. It is believed as a gemstone that can help healing spiritually, physically and emotionally. In spiritual aspect, turquoise makes the wearer to have forgiving nature, love and happiness.

Physically, the gemstones have healing properties that make the wearer focus to regain strength, recover from depression or exhaustion, and control the panic attacks. It is also believed to heal headache and the related health issues. Meanwhile, emotional benefits of turquoise are for the peace, serenity and emotional balance.

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Understanding the turquoise stone meaning may help you know whether you will get the advantages from the gemstone or not. As the long history, great meaning and great advantages for healing, you can use turquoise as one of the gemstones jewelry pieces of yours. If you believe the benefits too, you can use jewelry with turquoise stone as the amulet whenever you are traveling or going somewhere you don’t know yet. It will make you sure that everything will be all right.


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