Do you want to about Morganite vs Diamond?

When choosing for the perfect gemstone for your engagement ring then you will want the best. But there are a lot of different gemstones out there and today we will look at Morganite vs diamond comparison to see which one is the best gemstone well suited for your engagement rings. Of course we do understand that each person has different tastes on various things so in the end it is you who will need to decide whether or not Morganite is a better choice than the traditional diamond engagement rings. For the comparison sake, there will be a lot of factors that we will look at.

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What Are Morganite and Diamond Gemstones?

For those of you who are new to precious gems and jewelry, the diamond is one of the most popular gemstone to be used for jewelry, it’s hard; it is known as the hardest material on earth and it is beautiful with clear shine that is believed to be unparalleled. The Morganite is gemstone that is usually found in large shape, it has pink to pinkish yellow color, it is believed that the larger the Morganite stone is, the better it shine.

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Morganite vs Diamond Sparkle

But which one is the shinier of the two? It is a difficult question to answer because it is all depend on the quality of each gemstone. Low quality diamond will not look better than the best quality Morganite, but if we compare the sparkle with the same quality gemstone, it is will be on favor of diamond, and it is not even close. The shape of the gem is very important though; it will make or break the spark that the particular gem emitted.

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Morganite vs Diamond Hardness

Now this one is not a fair comparison whatsoever, not even in various different circumstances or counting all the factors that one can think of. The diamond is known as the hardest material on earth, and it is not a hyperbole, diamond is very hard. The Morganite, in the other hand, is not well suited for everyday use, why? Because it is relatively soft, the hardness of Morganite is not comparable to diamond at any levels at all.

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Morganite vs Diamond Engagement Ring

So, after reading all that how is your opinion on both gemstones? Sure it looks like the diamond is way better than the Morganite on any aspect, but do not forget that the Morganite is available in various different colors; although most of them will contains various amounts of pink. The other factor that you have to consider on this Morganite vs Diamond comparison is the price, the diamond is super expensive while you can get big Morganite jewel for a cheaper price.

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