Do You want to Know All About Scorpio Birthstone?

There are 12 zodiac signs in astrological version and there is birthstone that added follow with the Gregorian calendar. Scorpio is zodiac for those who born in October 24 into November 22. Scorpio is 8th signs of zodiac and this zodiac is under Pluto planet with water as the main element. The Scorpio birthstone is Topaz. The Scorpions can also wear the other alternative birthstone such as Opal, Beryl, Amethyst, Aquamarine, and Tourmaline.

As person that ruled under Pluto, Scorpio becomes the most emotional signs of zodiac and the Scorpio birthstone is identical with this character. The Scorpio birthstone is absorbing the energy negative from inside and around the scorpions and bring joyful to the Scorpions. There is several gemstones that become birthstone for Scorpio.

Scorpio is the strongest zodiac in the astrology. Scorpio people are considered as people that try for hold everything in their control. They have their willpower and they also attributes to emotional impulse. These person are posses to have high intuition and this makes these persons often work as analyst or psychology.


Scorpio birthstone Characteristic, Meaning and Personality

Scorpio is influenced with water elements that associated with growing process, emotion and identifying. When this water element combined with other elements it will share different effects. As water combined with fire elements, it will boil. The air element will evaporate water and earth will shaping and channeling it.

For person who lives under Scorpio is often posed with these positive and negative personality and characteristic traits. The positive traits generally described with focused persons, determined, emotional, hypnotic and complex. The negative personality and traits from Scorpio are jealous, stubborn, possessive, cruel and able to hurt others feelings.


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The Scorpio birthstone Options; Topaz

Topaz is the main gemstone for Scorpio. The golden Topaz is the most precious gemstone for Scorpio as it brings prosperity for the wearer. This is a lovely yellow gemstone that known bring many joyful, happiness, and other good things include the creativity. This stone also has emotional healing. If you are person who wear golden topaz when you are meditation, this will align to the energy of pure consciousness and creates the understanding for Divine will concept and applies into your life.


The Scorpio Alternative Birthstone

The alternative birthstones for Scorpio are Amethyst, Beryl, Aquamarine, Opal and Tourmaline.

  • Beryl is gemstone that actually mineral group include Aquamarine. Beryl is includes into precious gemstone that result in various color except green that called with emerald. Beryl is available in yellow color; most of them are represent as gold color that become the representation for deep sincerity for Scorpios.
  • Amethyst is talisman gemstone for Scorpio. This stone believed has magical power that can bring lucky to the wearer. The amethyst is varies in violet quartz.
  • Aquamarine is birthstone that for the past believing use for October birth in old Arabic calendar, Roman, Polish and Hebrew. This is specific birthstone for beryl.


Properties of Scorpio Birthstone

Each of these birthstone for Scorpio has their characteristic and meanings.

  • Topaz are associated with constancy, faithfully and friendship, loyalty, strength, releasing tension and balance emotions.
  • Beryl is gemstone that believed useful for serious Scorpio person as it will bring happiness and cheerful. The wearer of this gemstone is believed this gemstone can add the love marriage enrich where for the Scorpions passionate is very important for their life.
  • Amethyst is believed worn to overcome the addiction and keep the person mood in smooth and pleasant. That’s why people who wear this always look cheerful and joyful with happiness.


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Scorpio birthstone Healing Power

From the past, the gemstone that listed as birthstone are general to wear with people under the birthstone circumstances. It is believed that the birthstone has its healing power that can support and reduce the illness from the wearer.

  • Topaz healing powers are related with sanity. Tuberculosis, insomnia, blood disorder, asthma, and gout.
  • Aquamarine is believed has healing power for bestows foresight, reduce anxiety and stimulate happiness.
  • Tourmaline is has healing power for maintain digestive system and strengthen bones and teeth.


All of this birthstone is very helpful for this Scorpios wearer for making quick and right decision making. Choose which one that suit with your passionate feelings. As they help in clear thinking, it also gives the Scorpios with healing power.


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