Emerald Stone Meaning: Symbols and Beliefs

Emerald has been known as more than just jewelry, the Emerald Stone Meaning holds some myths and symbolize cultural beliefs since hundreds years ago. For any emerald lovers, knowing more about the meaning of this stones is a must.

Some emeralds are even sold hundred times more expensive than its actually is because of its meaning and history. Some people even want to get particular emerald because of its meaning. A lot of women would be very happy to be proposed with specific emerald ring that shows special meaning.

There are several emerald symbolism and color that is quite popular. Several kinds of emerald stones that even hold some mystical meaning. In the past, emerald was even used for healing properties.


Myths and Beliefs: Emerald Symbolism and Color

Even Cleopatra had her own belief in emerald symbolism and color. One of the most mysterious Cleopatra emerald is the rich and green tone emerald that has been popular since 1960s. Different from the red ruby that symbolizes passionate love, the emerald symbolically shows passionate love, emotions, and feeling.

The color green of this gemstone has been always believed as the calming and magic color. It is natural and reflects peace, balance, and the growth of nature. Therefore, in the past people believed that emerald also means health and fertility. Meanwhile, the verdant tones that look blue symbolizes the steadfast bond.

Therefore, some traditional engagement ring use emerald to symbolically say a new circle of life. The color of the emerald in some degree also tells us about life obstacle that should be faced together with our significance other. The emerald green symbolize the eternity concept since the nature would always be renewed.

14k-solid-yellow-gold-bracelet-30-6ct-natural-mixed-stones-ruby-sapphire-emerald diamond-emerald-platinum-3d-3-stone-emerald-cut-engagement-ring long-dangle-earrings-emerald-gemstone natural-emerald-carved-beads-necklace


Healing Properties of the Emerald

The power of symbols of emerald has made it to be one of common properties for healing. The Healing properties of the emerald are associated with fertility and sexuality. At first, emerald was related to some rituals for couples who want children or pregnant women who scared to bear the baby.

The stone has also been associated to fertility and other illness. For example, the ancient Romans believe that the emerald would restore their soul when they died. As emerald has always been connected to sexuality, the history also notes that it is then to be an important part of the royal wedding. Some crowns are also decorated with emeralds.

4-00cts-natural-emerald-carved-leaf-shaped-stone emerald-cut-3-stone-diamond-engagement-white-gold-ring natural-zambian-emerald-pear-pair-earring-gem-stone emerald-natural-untreated-stone-63ct


Where to Buy Emerald Jewelry?

What if we want an emerald jewelry? Where to buy emerald jewelry? Today we can find a lot of stores that offer emerald jewelry, especially the emerald engagement and wedding rings. However, one of the most recommended ones is James Allen. If you consider another store, it is suggested for you to find a store that allows you to take a look at the gems well before the transaction.

emerald-stones-14kt-yellow-gold-pierced-earrings emerald-platinum-3d-3-stone-engagement-ring green-emerald-stone-set-in-sterling-silver

The bottom line is the Emerald Stone Meaning has to be part of your consideration before buying the jewelry, especially if you are planning on buying an engagement ring. Different form ruby and diamond, emerald’s beauty lays in its meaning and history.


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