European Cut Diamond Compared with Modern and Contemporary Cut Diamond

There are several diamonds cutting methods available. One of them is European cut diamond. Actually, some people love to take old European cut diamond. In fact, this cutting method is very popular until twentieth century. European cut diamond also has important role in the appearance of modern round cut. The problem is that some people especially for the first-time diamond buyers don’t really know about the shape and also the characteristic of European cut diamond. This is a unique cutting diamond method. The cutting is following the outline of the diamond itself. As the result, there will be very limited waste from the cutting process. Because of the limited waste, old European cut diamond produces more carat weight.

There are several differences you need to know between old European cut diamond and any kind of cut diamond method. The different is including the shape, number of facets, and the culet. It is also about the faceting and cutting and the symmetry of the diamond itself. Let’s discuss a little bit about the old European cut diamond. The discussion can be started with the characteristic of old European cut diamond. Then, you also need to learn about the different between old European cut diamond, contemporary cut diamond, and modern cut diamond.

By learning the knowledge about old European cut diamond, you can analyze it by yourself so you can make sure that you get real or original diamond you need most. In fact, the different seems to be general but most people who want to buy diamond don’t really realize about the different. The best part is of course to see the real photos and videos along with sufficient information about old European cut diamond especially about how to differentiate the cutting. So, just learn from the explanation below and hopefully it helps before buying jewelry with old European cut diamond.


The Characteristics of Old European Cut Diamond

It is stated that old European cut diamond is unique because of its characteristic. For example, in the form of the shape, the design of the diamond is round. If you can’t see it, you will think that the old European cut diamond as modern round cut diamond. It is also the number of the facets. Just like any other contemporary round cut diamond, old European cut diamond has 58 facets. Don’t forget to check the bottom part of this diamond. Actually, it is the different between old European cut diamond and any other cutting diamond method.


antique-old-european-cut-5-diamond-ring european-cut-diamond-pearl-enamel-heart-18k-locket-necklace old-european-cut-3-stone-bezel-diamond-pearl-necklace-ideas


Most of diamonds have a sharp point whereas European diamond has a flat facet. The flat facet in old European cut diamond is known as culet. Interestingly, the cutting process is done by hand. This is the reason why the diamond is not precise in its size. Just compare it to the modern cutting diamond which is precise. It can’t be separated with the use of high tech tools. It gives impact to the shape of the diamond. An old European diamond is not symmetrical. Even, sometimes you see a different and unusual shape in old European diamond.

Just remember that the characteristic of this cut diamond is also different compared with old mine cut diamond. For instance, old European cut diamond is round but old mine cut is rectangular and rounded corners. If it is about the size of the culet, so old European cut diamond has smaller culet than old mine cut diamond. It is the same case with their table. Old European cut diamond has smaller table than old mine cut diamond. This is also the reason people thought that old mine cut diamond is more charming than old European cut diamond. The different is mostly because the use of cutting tools.


The Different Between Old European Cut Diamond and Any Other Cut Diamond

It seems that jewelry lovers are a little bit confused to differentiate between old European cut diamond and modern round cut diamond. Actually, there are several ways to do to know whether it is old European cut diamond or modern round cut diamond. First, you can see from the table size. The size of old European diamond is smaller than modern diamond. This is the reason why it is easy for you to compare especially if you see the size first at glance.

Second, you can also see it from the crown height. Talking about the crown height of the old European diamond, it means the crown is higher than contemporary diamond. It is also different the carat weight is similar. Third, the clear different can also be seen on its pavilion depth. You should know that old European cut diamond has deeper pavilion than modern cut diamond. Of course, it is only general different especially if you see the diamond at glance. You should let the expert analyzes first to make sure whether it is old European cut diamondor contemporary cut diamond or modern cut diamond.


vintage-old-european-cut-diamond-stud-earrings old-european-cut-diamond-platinum-bracelet-ideas old-european-cushion-cut-diamond-pendant-necklace-ideas

Moreover, there is also a relation between the classifications above and the way to measure the diamond. Let say, you want to measure the size of the diamond table. What you have to do is measuring the diameter of the diamond. Then, you can divide it into the diameter of the girdle. The result of the measurement is in the form of table percentage. To determine the size of the diamond, just focus on the table and the table percentage. If the table is smaller but the table percentage is bigger so the size of the table of your diamond is bigger in its proportion. Now, it will be easier for you to decide the size as well as to know whether it is an old European cut diamond or modern cut diamond or contemporary cut diamond.


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