Everything You Need to Know About Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Asscher cut engagement rings are very suitable for many women. It has beautiful shape and they look very glorious. If you are now about to propose your future wife and want to give her the most beautiful ring she has ever seen in her life, it is better be the ring with asscher cut diamond.

This ring is very suitable for women who love luxurious stuff and stunning stuff. The cut alone already looks like something so extravagant because asscher cut is quite massive in size. Below you will read more information for you about this particular kind of ring.

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1. Why Choosing Asscher Cut Engagement Rings?

The main reason why choosing this kind of ring when you ask your future wife to marry you is because she will not be able to say no to that kind of ring. Women love when men give them amazing rings and stuff. This kind of ring is very exclusive and very glorious looking. Indeed, the price can be very high but in the end it will all worth the price. Money speaks in the end.

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2. The Best Ring to Go with Asscher Cut

Asscher cut diamond in particular can be used in any kind of ring material, basically. It is because the ring is going to be overshadowed by the diamond anyway. You can choose white gold, yellow gold, and even rose gold color of ring with the diamond. However, of course you have to pay attention on the color of the stone and match it with the color of the ring as well.

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3. Tips to Buy Asscher Cut Rings

The best tips to know about choosing this kind of ring is to buy it in a trusted place. This ring is very expensive indeed because the cut is not small. It is massive and it can be sold with hundreds of dollars. That is why you just cannot buy this kind of ring in a random place. Make sure when you buy this kind of ring, you get certificate saying the stone is genuine.

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4. Maintaining Asscher Cut Rings

Maintaining this kind of ring is absolutely easy because after all, the ring is already very sturdy. Diamond asscher ring is very strong, durable, and sturdy. Diamond has the best durability of all stones. It can be used in any weather condition without getting ruined and it will not break easily because it is very hard. So, actually you do not have to do nothing to make sure that the ring is okay. It will take care of itself automatically.

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5. Asscher Cut Engagement Rings Price Estimation

The price estimation of a genuine diamond ring with asscher cut is approximately $ 11,000 at least. Yes, it is pretty expensive but in the end it will come to the quality. If you think that this kind of ring is too expensive for you, surely you can always swap the ring. It means that you give that expensive asscher cut for the wedding ring and give your girlfriend something more affordable for the engagement ring. After all, it is the wedding ring that will be worn for goods. Choosing asscher cut ring will not be a disappointment after all.

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