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What does 925 mean on jewelry? Maybe you’ve found the cap 925 in a ring and you do not know the meaning of the stamp. If the cap has a silver colored ring, then the ring is made of sterling silver. If in a gold colored rings have a seal, then the ring is made of Vermeil. Cap 925 is the standard used in the international industry.

A metal that is stamped with the number 925 has been internationally recognized means that the metal is made of sterling silver. This figure would indicate that the metal consists of silver 92.5 percent. There was another stamp that is written on a metal that is sterling silver. Maybe the ring will look like a gold vermeil, but this ring consists of a sterling silver with a gold layer or a coat. Colored jewelry that does not have a seal is made from German silver or nickel silver. Silver is not genuine.

Signs and traits maker are a different matter. Both of these are often joined by people who are not experts. Mark is present in the content of these metals, and this indicates the quality and purity of a metal. Craftsmen also can show pieces temporal and geographical instructions. Hallmark system has undergone several changes throughout history. This system has been known in the Byzantine period until today. There are some guidelines for recognizing a metal jewelry. In essence, a ring, a manufacturer could put a stamp of designer name abbreviation, karat, and the ring-making material.


What does 925 Mean on Jewelry? Ring 925 Mark

Many people still mean that 925 marks written on a piece of jewelry are made of gold 925/1000 or piece of jewelry has a gold content of 92.5%. This is not a correct understanding. 92.5% instead of the standard value of the purity of gold. It also does not correspond with the number of karats are used in jewelry. 925 marks on gold should not be construed as gold content present in the snippet. Ring 925 mark means that the ring is not made of pure gold.


925-sterling-silver-pave-diamond-moving-bracelet 925-sterling-silver-big-rectangular-ring 925-sterling-silver-18k-jewelry-dangle-earrings


Gold Jewelry has Silver Mark

Perhaps you are confused at the sight of gold jewelry is marked with a silver cap. Cap states that gold jewelry that you have not made of real gold. The jewelry is made of metallic silver. In these conditions, the rate of 925 makes sense, because it indicates that your jewelry made of silver and not gold plating.


Gold Vermeil Has 925 Mark

If you see the gold jewelry that has a number of cap 925, it means that the jewelry made of gold vermeil. Vermeil is jewelry made of silver and covered with a layer of gold. Gold jewelry made of Vermeil also sold in the United States with certain standards. Gold layer that is needed is 10 karats. The jewelry must contain 42% gold with a minimum thickness of 2.5 microns.


How to Know That Your Jewelry is Only Gold Plating

If you are not sure and want to make sure that the 925 mark means you only gold-plated jewelry instead of solid gold, then the first thing you should do is describing the other cap. Usually, gold plated jewelry has common signs such as HGP, HGE, RGP, GEP, and GP. If the jewelry has no stamp, then you should test the jewelry. The jeweler will perform the acid test on a small part of a piece of jewelry. Test of acid is used to determine levels of corrosion in gold and can find jewelry that only covered by gold.


925-sterling-silver-snake-bracelet 925-sterling-silver-pendant-jewels


What does 925 Mean on Jewelry? Viewed Purity Gold Plating

The acid test can also be used to determine levels of gold plating. Usually, jewelry pieces are coated with 22 karat gold or 24 karats. The gold content is rarely used in the manufacture of solid gold jewelry because of the purity of gold is too high too soft blindly. Manufacturers can show signs of rust from the plating such as 22K means that the layers of the jewelry had higher levels of 22-carat gold. Karat gold is expressed as parts per thousand of which was written in the form of three-digit numbers. Here’s a sign of rust and comparison in per thousand:

  • 10K – 417
  • 14K – 583
  • 18K – 750
  • 20K – 833
  • 22K – 917
  • 24K – 999


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