GPS Bracelet for Kids to Know Wherever Their Locations

GPS bracelet for kids is specially designed kids’ wearables with GPS technology inside. By wearing this bracelet, every kid will be so easy to find when they are lost by tracking the GPS.

If your kid wears a GPS bracelet like Lineable, you can track his location in short distance monitoring by using a tracker with simple radio waves. It is perfect to use if your child is lost in a relatively small range like a shopping mall. The Bluetooth connection is the common feature supporting the tracker work.

The GPS system will directly inform you the exact position of your lost child through the map in your smartphone or tablet PC. Some models also come with geo-fencing that alerts you when the child is breached.

On the other hands, some GPS bracelets are also designed fancier with games, screens, kinds of sensors, and so on. Five best models below may become your best choices too.



Lineable belongs to the cheapest GPS bracelets that is only about $10. This wearable is made from silicon with minimalist design. It is also dust and water proof with battery life that doesn’t need to be charged. It will be the best bare bones location device that can be purchased without spending much money. The device is featured by Crowdsource GPS that will work well within 65 – 98 feet of range; perfect to be used in a shopping mall or other small ranged location.

Lineable GPS


My Buddy Tag

My Buddy Tag is a tracking bracelet that is also more affordable for the Bluetooth technology inside. This device is perfect as normal kid tracker that will help preventing accidents. It comes with features such as panic alarm that will alert the parents when the child’s personal id is being threatened. Besides, you can track your child easily when he is lost. Buddy Tag wearables are available in some designs and materials including silicone, Velcro and terry cloth. This device will work in 40 feet range indoors, whilst 80 – 120 feet outdoors. It will work well like a GPS tracker and you only need to spend about $40 to have one.

My Buddy Tag



PocketFinder is a kid tracking device that works with GSM and GPS with rugged and durable designs. It has a tap alert feature that enables the child sending SOS message when they are in danger or need some help. By only tap the hard surface of the device, then it will alert the parent directly. This device is also prefect for teenagers so you can track the way of your child driving. When your child exceeds the pre-set speed, the tracker will alert you as well. You can have it by spending about $129.95.



Weenect Kids

Weenect Kids belongs to the new kid trackers you can choose with great features such as water resistant, USB charger, and also comes with a protective pouch. Enjoy the one month free tracking when you purchase this device. Besides, you can track your kid by using a map or a compass that has distance countdown. This device will help finding your child by showing the location through your smartphone’s screen. For older children, you can use this tracker to know whenever your child is going home. It is available around Europe in about 99 Euro, and also in other countries such as Australia, Korea, Ghana, Madagascar, Malaysia, and India.


Weenect Kids



Tinitell is a children GPS tracker that uses live map smartphone monitoring feature. This device is also water resistant and can be wrist phone with voice recognition. Made in Sweden, this device with rubber material use micro SIM card to work. It is also available in few Asia countries including South and North Korea. Your child only needs to push the front button in fuchsia color and then the device will call the recipient directly.

Tinitell Pictures

With the various options of high-tech tracking devices, you can choose the best one for additional protection for your child from getting lost. Know more about the GPS bracelets for kids in details so you can know the best one for your kids. You can choose based on the features as well as the price. By wearing the bracelets, you will throw away the stressful feeling of worrying your child whenever you bring them to a crowded public place or let the older children driving a car. Choose the best one based on your need.


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