Green Amethyst Engagement Ring for Love Statement

There are various options of gemstone which people can choose for their engagement ring. Diamond becomes pretty common option for this purpose but in fact, the choice is not only diamond. People can also choose other gemstone such as amethyst. It can be a great choice because the gemstone can last for long time with the care which is minimal. People can choose between purple or Green amethyst Engagement Ring. The gemstone can be cut in various options as well just like the size, style, and price.

Learning about Amethyst Properties can be great start for knowing its beauty. Amethyst Enhancements is needed especially for creating the amethyst with green color. However, Special Care for Amethyst Engagement Rings will also be important for ensuring that the color will not change and it is not scratched by harder gemstone.

By considering the Amethyst Meaning, people can make perfect choice for engagement ring with affordable price. Amethyst Engagement Ring Styles are varied for meeting people’s expectation.


Amethyst Properties

If people have question about Amethyst Properties, it is actually a type of quartz which is known as prasiolite. Prasiolite which is true and natural is pretty rare. The green amethyst which can be found in many jewelry items actually are made with the quartz which got the special treatment with heat or radiation for creating the lovely color of sea green.

This gemstone comes with good durability while the hardness is 7.0. It comes with 1.544-1.533 refractive index. It also has 2.66 specific gravity levels.

Green Amethyst Engagement Ring Rose Gold


Amethyst Enhancements

There are enhancements which are used for amethyst. Sometimes the Amethyst Enhancements option which is taken is by treating the gemstone with heat for improving the color as well as clarity of the gemstone. Some people maybe will worry about the quality of the gemstone after the treatment of heat to the natural amethyst.

In fact, there is only minimum effect on the gemstone value since the treatment with heat is done with quite stable condition. Quite stable condition can also be found in the treatment with irradiation and heat for creating green amethyst.


Special Care for Amethyst Engagement Rings

One thing which people have to remember about the amethyst engagement ring is that its color can fade overtime especially if it is exposed over and over again to the direct sunlight. That is why people need the Special Care for Amethyst Engagement Rings for making sure that its beautiful color will not change. It can be as simple as turning the ring when enjoying sunbathing so the gemstone will be placed on the inside of the finger.

This can be great method for protecting the amethyst when people must have contact with the direct sunlight exposure for long period of time. It is quartz so it can be scratched by the gemstone with harder characteristic such as diamond. That is why people have to store it carefully. It is better to store it in a secure pouch which is separated from other jewelries including diamond so it will not be scratched. The ring should be removed before the wearer goes into the chlorinated water.

Green Amethyst and Diamond Engagement Ring


Amethyst Meaning

The Amethyst Meaning surely becomes important thing which people consider besides the beautiful color offered by this gemstone for their engagement rings. The amethystos from the Greek word becomes the origin of the word amethyst. It means not intoxicated. There is belief that this gemstone can protect the wearer from intoxication during alcohol drinking.

It is also regarded as the gemstone for protection against many things from the anxiety to death especially in the battle. Calming effect to mental aspect becomes good effect which can be offered by amethyst. It is useful for enhancing thought clarity. This classic gemstone becomes modern birth stone for people who are born in February.


Amethyst Engagement Ring Styles

People can get beautiful Amethyst Engagement Ring Styles since this gemstone will look great in almost any kind of cut. It will also be great when it is combined with some metals. For example, sterling amethyst can be great combination with silver ring for affordable yet beautiful engagement ring. Palladium, gold, and platinum can be great metal choice for the engagement ring with amethyst. Green amethyst will also be beautiful choice for sure.

Green amethyst Engagement Ring can be considered for the bride who wants to get the beautiful reminder of the love statement. It will also be great choice for them who love green color. Although the green amethyst is pretty durable, there is special care needed for making sure that the color remains beautiful.


# Green Amethyst Engagement Ring Rose Gold

Green Amethyst Engagement Ring Rose Gold Pictures


# Vintage Green Amethyst Engagement Ring

Vintage Green Amethyst Engagement Ring Pictures


# Green Amethyst and Diamond Engagement Ring

Green Amethyst and Diamond Engagement Ring Pictures


# Green Amethyst Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Green Amethyst Princess Cut Engagement Ring


# Green Amethyst Halo Engagement Ring

Green Amethyst Halo Engagement Ring


# Round Green Amethyst Engagement Ring

Round Green Amethyst Engagement Ring Pictures


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