Having Positive Energy with Various Colors of Opal Birthstone

Opal Birthstone is a kind of valuable and great gemstone to collect. The word opal is derived from the Greek word Opalus that means a stone. There are four types of this valuable Opal gemstone. They are Black, Boulder, Crystal, and Milk or White. The crystal structure of this valuable and beautiful Opal gemstone is Amorphous or also called hydrous silicon dioxide. This gemstone is special for its soft colors and a high quality of gem. The Opal gemstone is variously available in natural colors and shades. The more the colors in this gemstone the more expensive this gemstone is.

The dominant colors of Opal Birthstone is the order of red, indigo, green, blue, violet, and orange yellow. The Black Opal is more precious than the Crystal Opal. However, both of them are more precious than the Milky Opal. The most famous one is Harlequin Opal with colors are spreading variously on a reddish ground. Another famous one is the Fire Opal with red and yellow of flame colors. The one called the Common Opal is milky white in physical performance. The one called Menilite that has various brown colors can be found in the place near Paris called Menilmontant. The other types are Cacholong, Geyserite, Girasol, and Hyalite.

Opal Birthstone to decorate jewelry pieces such as rings, pendants, earrings, necklace, and bracelets is beautiful. Giving those pieces of jewelry with Opal gemstone has been famous since thousand years ago. The Venus Planet is believed to give positive energy to people wearing jewelry with this kind of valuable gemstone. It is also believed that those with health problems in eyes like eye-infections will get better soon by wearing the jewelry with Opal gemstone. Wearing jewelry with Opal gemstone will promote quick healing process for sick people as well.


vintage-inspired-opal-halo-ring raw-ethiopian-opal-celtic-earrings


Essential information needed to know by people wanting to collect Opal Birthstone

  • This gemstone which symbolizes purity, innocence, hope, happiness, faithfulness, confidence, and loyalty is for people who were born in October.
  • This kind of gemstone is also for those wanting to celebrate their 14th or 18th wedding anniversary.
  • The Zodiac Sign of Opal gemstone is Libra with the Scales as its sign.
  • The planet that influences Libra Zodiac Sign is Venus.
  • If we want to alternate this Opal gemstone, we can choose other birthstones such as Agate, Aquamarine, Peridots, Sapphires, and Tourmaline.


vintage-fire-opal-bracelet-pink opal-sterling-silver-ring


Having Opal Birthstone which is various in colors and types that symbolizes positive energy in our jewelry collection is a smart thing to do.


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