How Are Chocolate Diamonds Made? Knowing the Rare Brown Diamonds

How are chocolate diamonds made? Perhaps you are curious about chocolate diamonds. In the new millennium, a CEO and designers see that diamonds are natural diamonds are rare. Brown diamonds obtained from the Argyle mine in Australia. With pink diamond has been recognized by the world so that diamond prices have reached seven and six medals. Brown diamonds also have been in the lowest figure since regarded as a brown diamond with poor color. It is the fault of the diamond industry. Diamond mine always offer clear color. Natural fancy color diamonds are not in accordance with the standard brown colors that exist in the company. Usually, the diamond industry has a color standard that is in the range of C4-C7. A diamond must have high clarity and clean. A fashion company creates brown diamond and realizes that the diamond industry has a high price and can be beautiful jewelry.

Chocolate Diamonds became the name of this diamond because the fashion company saw a lot of people are addicted to chocolate and get many benefits by eating chocolate regularly. It used the idea to name the diamond. The fashion company has been awarded a patent for the name of the diamond so the popularity of diamonds is increasing rapidly. The company created a chocolate diamond with a variety of beautiful designs and shapes. The jewelry has been sold in various countries and the fashion company managed to get big royalties.

There are some who continue to try to belittle brown diamonds. They make diamonds a common standard as an assessment of this diamond, whereas the production of chocolate diamonds there are only as many as 20 points. This diamond is less than 30,000 karats and is very rare in comparison to white diamonds. Consumers have to understand that these diamonds are rare and fancy diamonds with high demand. Pink and red diamonds have also become popular, but diamonds are brown colored diamonds remain the number one on the sales of white diamonds.


What Are The Brown Diamond Variations?

Brown diamond will end with the darkest color in the color spectrum. Brown diamonds formed inside the Earth. These diamonds are getting a high pressure so that the dark color inherent in these diamonds. These diamonds are not made with engineering experiments in the laboratory. At first, brown diamonds worthless because it does not meet the quality standards of clarity diamond saw. The intensity of color in the diamond is considered bad because it is not included in the predetermined scale.




Diamond with Poor Color

Experts say that the label chocolate diamond is a diamond that bad because it has no bright colors. Colored diamonds on the class Z belonging to the diamonds is worthless, but now diamond brown diamond is already considered to be rare compared with other colors. Dark color on the diamond is increasingly favored by consumers because the diamond is not concerned with the formal class that has always been a reference in determining the value of a diamond.


How About the Purity of That Diamond?

White diamonds will be sold at higher prices than the brown diamond. The clarity of these diamonds is things that must be considered. Many inclusions contained in the diamond will make the diamond you are disabled and the poor. Diamonds with spots also make the clarity of the diamonds it becomes invisible. Look at the microscope carefully every piece of chocolate diamonds. James Allen is a jewelry store that delivers a complete video of the diamonds sold so that you can see every important detail of the diamond.


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