How Can You Tell If Gold Is Real in Simple Way

How can you tell if gold is real is a common question especially for first time gold buyers. To answer this question, you have to understand that real gold it doesn’t mean that the jewelry is made of pure gold. Actually, the real gold means that the jewelry is using a real gold as well as other metal.

It is also related to the understanding of real gold in different country. For example, in United States of America if jewelry contains less than 10 karats gold, it is not considered as a real gold. The worse is the fake gold. Jewelry with fake gold means that the jewelry is using other materials but it is layered by gold plate.

So, it is a little bit tricky to answer if someone asked you, how can you tell if gold is real? It has to be analyzed carefully. Actually, there are several important elements you can see in order to make sure whether it is a real gold or not. So, let’s learn about how to determine the real gold.


Simple Way to Test the Real Gold

Acidic test is the first way of how can you tell if gold is real or not. In specific, the gold is scratched first. Then, you just need to drop the nitric acid to the scratch. To see whether the gold is real or not, the scratch will be dissolved after the drop of the nitric acid. To make it safe, you can let the expert done it for you. If you can do it, just try to do this trick by yourself at home.

Just prepare the jewelry and start to test it with nitric acid. The real gold has a gold marking. The gold marking shows the amount of gold included in the jewelry. Let say, when your jewelry is considered as 10 karats jewelry, it means in every 24 part alloy, there is 10 karat gold within. You can also try to make a deep scratch in your jewelry to make sure that it is a real gold or not. When you make a deep scratch, you can reveal the metal or other material.

Just notice the discolored spots around your jewelry. If you see it, you can make sure that it is a fake gold. The easiest way to answer, how can you tell if gold is real is by using bite test. Yes, you just need to bite the gold. When the gold is real, there will be a mark of your teeth on the gold. Although it is a simple test, it is better for you to choose different type of test to get more reliable and trusted result. The other simple way to make sure that the gold is real is by using a magnet. Just put a magnet close to your jewelry. If it is a fake gold, the jewelry will be attracted to the magnet. On the other hand, if the jewelry is not attracted to the magnet, it means the gold is real.


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Density Test to Check the Real Gold

There is also one more test you can use if you want to know the answer, how can you tell if gold is real? The name of the test is density test. It seems that this test is less popular because of density test is considered as a complicated test to check the purity of the gold. The first thing to do is preparing a tank of water. Then, you just need directly dropping the gold into the tank full of water. At the same time, it is a must for you to check the amount of water which is displaces.

To check whether it is a real gold or not, you can just do it by calculating the ratio of the weight of the gold and the amount of water which is displaced. By calculating the density, you can determine the amount of gold contained in the jewelry. Seeing the test, it can be seen that the problem is the reliability of the gold. It is difficult for you to determine the dense or the karat of the gold only by using manual density test. Instead of taking such kind of complicated test to check whether it is a real gold or not, you can just wear the jewelry. The real gold will not leave discoloration in your skin.

On the other hand, if you are wearing jewelry contains of fake gold, it leaves discoloration in your skin. If it is leaving discoloration, there is a possibility that the jewelry is made of nickel or silver. It is also the same case when the jewelry is unconditionally abraded with cosmetic or moisture temperature. You will see something different such as dark smudge behind the jewelry and it means the jewelry is using fake gold. It is really a good way to determine, how can you tell if gold is real or not?


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The Signs of Real Gold

One simple answer of how can you tell if gold is real or not is by checking the hallmark or the karat stamp. Just notice that the hallmark and the karat stamp are made by the manufacturer legally. When you check the jewelry and you don’t find any hallmark and karat, it means the jewelry is using fake gold or different type of material. A real or pure gold is in its pure form of gold whereas fake gold is using metal covered or layered by gold.

The main sign of fake gold is that you can see powdery gold when you touch or wear the jewelry. If you really wear jewelry with real gold, you don’t need to see the powdery gold in your skin. Sometimes, people also suffer from itchy when they are using jewelry with fake gold. It seems that the material triggers skin allergy. On the other hand, they don’t get any skin allergy if the jewelry is using a real gold.


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Actually, the jewelry with real gold and fake gold is in the matter of the price. If you want to buy affordable jewelry which look like gold jewelry, you can just take jewelry with fake gold. The price is more affordable than jewelry with real gold.


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