How Much Is A 14K Gold Necklace Worth and How to Know Its Value

Gold price is always high and stable. So, if you ever in need of some extra cash, you can always sell your precious 14k. But before sealing the deal, there is one question that you must find out first. How much is a 14k gold necklace worth? This is very important because it will help you get the best price. You definitely don’t want your precious gold necklace to be underpriced, right?

To know how much your necklace worth, it is important to know the current 14 karat gold price per gram. Now, it costs around 741.08 USD per ounce. It is subject to change but since gold price is always stable it will not change much.

You also must know karat actually means so you can get a glimpse of how your gold necklace will be valued. Karat is the purity unit for gold. The higher the karat is, the purer the gold will be and also the more expensive it will be. Pure gold is measured as 24 karat. However, it cannot be used as jewelry because 24 karat pure gold is too soft. That’s why other metals like nickel and copper is added to make your necklace. Now that you have all the basic information about gold jewelry, let’s find out how you can find the worth and value of your gold necklace.


How Much Is a 14K Gold Necklace Worth—Determining the Value

Even with the same karat, the value and price of one gold necklace can be different with the others. If you sell the necklace as scrap gold, the price will only be determined by one factor that is how much gold the scrap has.

However, when you are selling an intact necklace, we need to talk about the value first before the price. The value of 14k gold necklace will not only be determined by the amount of gold the necklace has, but also by the design, the brand as well as the additional materials that made the necklace.


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How Much Is a 14K Gold Necklace Worth—Determining the Amount of Pure Gold

After determining the value, it is time to find the real worth of the gold necklace, and it is done by determining how much pure gold the necklace has. Here are the three important steps to determine it.

1. Find Out the Amount of Pure Gold in Your 14 K Jewelry

To know how much pure gold exists in you’re a 14k gold chain necklace is very simple. Since the maximum number is 24k, 14 karat means the necklace is made of 14 parts of pure gold while the rest ten parts is made of other metals. Thus, we can conclude that the pure gold in the necklace is around 58.3% of the total material.

2. Determine the Total Weight of the Gold Necklace

The next step to know how much is a 14k gold necklace worth is to determine the total weight of the necklace. To do this, you simply need to weigh your necklace.
If it is necessary, you can convert the weight to other measurements first. But you can skip it because when you bring your necklace to the seller, the seller will measure it again in his preferred measurement.

3. The Weight of Pure Gold on the Necklace

Now this is the last step you need to do before you head to the jewelry store and sell your 14k gold necklace. You need to find out the real weight of the pure gold in your necklace. Measuring the weight of the pure gold is very simple. Let’s say that the total weight of the necklace you get from step 2 is 10 grams. Now, you need to multiply it by the percentage of the amount of pure gold you get from step 1. 10 grams x 58.3% = 5.83 gram. It means, the weight of the pure gold your necklace has is 5.83 grams.


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Now that you know how much is a 14k gold necklace worth, you can sell your gold chain without regret knowing that you will get an appropriate price. If one day you want to treat yourself with a beautiful gold necklace again, this measurement can also help you to count the approximate price of the necklace.


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