Inspirations About Non Traditional Wedding Rings

People these days love non traditional wedding rings to be used in their special days. Traditional wedding rings are like the classic rings with gems and gold. However, the non traditional one can be made out of anything and the shape is not necessarily like normal rings as well. Sometimes, it is considered as weird but sometimes it is just contemporary.

Below, you will find several inspirations about the unusual kind of rings that you can use for your wedding day. They are totally unique and not common for sure. Using them, maybe you will have one of the weddings to remember for most people.

Non Traditional Men's Wedding Rings Non Traditional Wedding Ring Stones


1. Wooden Wedding Rings

Traditional wedding rings are made out of gold, silver, or bronze like the medals. However, in non traditional ones, it can be a wooden ring of course. If you use wooden wedding ring, it is impossible to put on a stone or gems because it just won’t stick. So, usually wedding rings that are made out of wood is pretty plain but they can get crafted. This kind of wedding ring has huge risk of breaking up easily and gets burned, for sure.

Wooden Men's Wedding Rings Wooden Wedding Rings for Women


2. Wedding Rings with Blood

It may sounds creepy but it actually isn’t. A lot of people want to create a special ring with their partner’s blood actually be on the ring. How? Well, usually the ring is made out of gold and in the middle of the ring, a special tube is inserted. In that tube, the blood of the partner is injected. So, literally: my blood is on your finger. Yes, literally. Sounds unusual? Well, that’s what non traditional is about.

Wedding Rings with Blood Pictures Wedding Rings with Blood


3. Superhero Wedding Rings

When two geeks are getting married and they both fancy superhero, their wedding ring will be with the theme of superhero as well. A lot of wedding rings are made out of gold or silver that has been molded into the logo or symbol of superhero. So, what is more exciting than having a ring with a Batman or Superman symbol on it? Well, it is basically fun for anyone who actually loves this kind of theme.

SuperHero inspired Wedding Rings SuperHero Wedding Rings


4. Squared Wedding Rings

Wedding rings or any kinds of rings are supposed to be round so that it can be worn on your fingers. However, a lot of wedding rings these days are not necessarily round. They can be square as well. The negative point of this kind of ring is actually they can make you less comfortable. Having square wedding ring on your finger will make you cannot do your activity comfortably. This can put a massive obstacle to your daily activity.

Square Wedding Rings for Women Square Wedding Rings with Diamonds


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