Jade Engagement Ring, the Precious Gemstones

There are a lot of precious gemstones that you can use for your engagement ring, and the jade engagement ring is still one of the most popular choices even today. The cal and uniqueness of the jade stone has captivated the heart of many people since centuries ago and there is no wonder why this stone is still used today. Why are people still using this gemstone? Well, there are many reason, but the best reason is because jade is perfect to be combined with many other material, it makes good engagement ring, not to mention that it has deep meaning as well.

Jade Engagement Ring Ideas Green Jade Engagement Rings Ideas


Jade Engagement Ring Meaning

So, what is the meaning if an engagement ring is using the jade stone as the center of it? The meanings of jade stone itself are healing, hope and courage, the jade is also associated with love, faithfulness, and harmony. As you can see, they believed effects of jade stone are perfect for this special occasion. Not only that it will keep your relationship with your spouse in better harmony, but it will also able to keep your good health.

Green Jade Engagement Ring Ideas


Jade Engagement Ring White Gold

As mentioned above, the jade stone is very unique, it has unique and distinctive pattern and that makes the jade stone a great combination for various material. If you are looking for a special material for your special engagement ring then you should take a look at the white gold. As cliché as it may be, the white gold is perfect for jade, the bright white color of the ring will give a lot of shine to your precious jade stone, it looks magnificent.

Jade Engagement Ring White Gold Ideas


Jade Diamond Engagement Ring

Who said that you can only have one gemstone for the center of your engagement ring? If you have the money for it, you can buy a jade engagement ring that is also contains other gemstones and there is no gemstone that shine better than diamond. Reading a jade and diamond combination, there is two things that will pop up. First that the price of the ring must be very expensive and second, the engagement ring must looks superb.

Jade Diamond Engagement Ring


Custom Jade Engagement Ring

People have different taste and each individual prefers something different than the other, that is perfectly normal and thus you might not be able to find jade engagement ring that satisfy your need. If that occasion arrives, then the best option you got is to get a custom made ready for you. With custom made ring, you will be able to get the perfect jade engagement ring that you have always wanted, but you will need to pay a lot of money for it.

Custom Jade Engagement Ring


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