Jade Wedding Ring and What People Need to Know about the Gemstone

Deciding to choose jade wedding ring can be such the good idea for any of you who are still confused in choosing the right wedding ring. That will be such a good idea for any of you who are looking for the classic look wedding ring rather than the blinking wedding ring with the blinking stone as like diamond.

The wedding ring with jade stone offers the unique yet classic traditional look which is really beautiful as well. Still, before we decide to buy the wedding ring with jade stone, it is such a good idea for knowing much more about it first since of course every kind of stone is different with the different character as well.

Any kinds of about the jade characters, style, maintenance, and many others need to be known first so that we make the right decision. Getting the info about the Types of Jade Gemstones is such a good idea.


Types of Jade Gemstones

There are two different types of jade gemstones which we can simply fid. They are jadeite and also nephrite. Those are different for their physical properties, tones, and also chemical compositions. It is a good idea to know before you are shopping the jade wedding ring.

Jadeite becomes the type of jade which has the composition of particular type of silicate mineral that might contain aluminium and also sodium. Commonly, they are in the tones of yellow, pink, maroon, lavender, blue, and even emerald green. This is a little bit rarer if it is compared to the nephrite one.

The next type is nephrite which becomes another type of jade. It consists of the iron, magnesium, and also calcium which are blending into this kind of jade. The tone is also that lighter than jadeite. The tones are commonly in grey, light green, and white.

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Properties of Jade

The two different types of jade gemstone also have the different characters. That is a good idea to get info about the properties of jade. Jadeite is more durable than others. This kind of jade is also that harder compared to the nephrite. The refractive index of jadeite is also higher than the other. Nephrite is lighter than jadeite but it is not that significant.

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The Meaning of Jade

Before we go to the shop for making the jade wedding ring, it is a good idea for knowing about its meaning. The meaning of jade is often referred to the positive effects. That is including the harmony, courage, love, healing, faithfulness, and also hope for the positive point. The wearer of this gemstone is believed to get such the positive feels as mentioned above.

In the past or in ancient moment, this kind of gemstone was totally believed as the gemstone which can bring the healing for various problems of loin and kidney. However, still nowadays this gemstone is only as the part of jewelries even some people still believe the positive effects on wearing this gemstone.

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Jade Gemstone Enhancements

When we are talking about gemstone, we often find gemstones which are enhanced in order to get the deeper tone. That is also often done to jade. Still there are some jade gemstone enhancements which result the unstable character. That is not recommended for the design of the jade ring including the jade wedding ring. Then, the jade which is enhanced also requires the special maintenance in order to keep its tone stability.

There are also some ways and types of the enhancements which are often applied to jade gemstone. As we have mentioned before, some types of them are not recommended because of its low stability result which we will get, as like the enhancement of the application of bleaching and injection using wax to the jadeite in order to improve and lighten the tone.

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Special Care for Jade and Jade Rings

Another thing which is also really essential to be known is about the special care for jade and jade rings. That is important to be known before you are deciding to get the jade wedding ring. For the daily use, of course jade gemstone is also easy to get scratched.

That is especially for the type of nephrite which is prone to the scratch, so that nephrite is not recommended to be worn daily but it is still great to be worn for a special moment. Still, jadeite is a type of the jade gemstone which can be worn daily. When it becomes scratched over the time, you can simply bring it professional to get some treatments for buffing out the scratches.

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The jade wedding ring is a good idea to be chosen if you are really interested in the look which is much more unique yet classic at the same time. Still, for such a wedding ring which is commonly used in any occasion or in the daily basis, you can choose the type of jadeite than nephrite because that is much more durable. Then, it is also not really that prone to the scratch as like the nephrite is.


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